CONSULTING: How to Find and Be an Expert Level Problem Solver with Matt Coons

Episode 6: Consultant Matt Coons


 Do you aspire to become a consultant in your industry? OR maybe you’re motivated to hire the perfect consultant to partner with your business and come up with lasting solutions for your team. Maybe you’re just ready for some inspirational and valuable insights from a pro entrepreneur…

On today’s episode of The Dreamer’s Manual, we take a deep dive into consulting from both the hiring and job-seeking  perspective with my friend, and expert independent consultant, Matt Coons. 


From his early days in Alaskan oil field shift work, (taking on 12-16 weeks shifts with 5 day breaks) to what his independent consulting business looks like today as he integrates his family into his thriving business, and has adapted through the pandemic; Matt shares super valuable insights into building his dream business through intuition, education, and authentic connections.


Highlights from this episode:


  • Matt tells the story of the steps he took forward that led him through his journey. Relying on risks, Intuition, and his natural gifts.


  •  For listeners looking for a consultant, he shares insight on hiring rates, what he looks for in a business relationship, and what his ideal clients will understand going into a partnership with a consultant. What questions clients can ask themselves and where the problems usually come from in an organization


  • Advice for Beginner Consultants breaking into the industry and how to invest in their business wisely. Educating yourself, researching and asking questions. Build connections that leads to opportunities


  • Finding clients and growing the business: Leaning into the situations you’re looking for.  Leveraging getting paid education. Treat it as a learning opportunity.  What makes a good consultant? How to pitch and sell:  Honesty, intention, education and timing.


  •  Teaching his children about benefits beyond the business. Passive income and Money and time Freedom. Recognizing their interests and strengths and letting them apply it. Establishing boundaries and mindset from the beginning. 


  •  The rhythm of the day: balancing  priorities, and knowing what to walk away from


  •  What to do when things are out of alignment:  Matt’s approach for ending business relationships gracefully. 


Captivating Quotes from this episode:


6:03 I started out as a janitor’s assistant. Set a fundamental basis for where I’m at now.  And [it’s an] appreciation for all the crafts and interdependencies that happen.


12:55 “To me the consulting game is just about problem solving, and being open to the things that come up as you see them and don’t expect anything. Don’t assume you know what the answer is before understanding the problem.”


26:14 I think anyone that does a lot of meetings understands death by 1000 meetings. And so if you can get it cut down to two or three, because you can consolidate, and really focus in on the attack, and clients really appreciate the approach. But beyond that, it’s just being nimble, recognizing what’s in front of you. And not letting anything be too big. Don’t let it overwhelm you


40:20  “[Consulting] is a game by volume, you’ve got to reach out and reach out a lot. And you’re going to lose a lot more than you win. And if you look at it that way, you’re gonna feel like a loser at some point. And you’ve got to recognize every lost contact was a gained experience. And so if you leverage the gained experience, it doesn’t feel like a loss.










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