BONUS EPISODE!! HIRING EMPLOYEES: How and When to Hire Employees in Your Online Business with Andre Horton

One of the things I love most about this podcast is when I get to share insights from the people who inspire me in my daily life, and who have really stepped up to share their experiences and gifts with my listeners.


I’m thrilled you get to hear from My guest, Andre Horton this episode. Andre, who has too many passions and talents to list here, is such a gifted storyteller! You’re going to love the way he weaves valuable insights about hiring employees for your business, through this energetic and irreverent conversations about the lessons learned running his own businesses.


Check it out below, and head over to my episode post on my instagram page {link} and let me know your favorite takeaways from this episode.


Highlights from this Episode


  • Setting goals with mindset of an athlete 
  • Having the resources and strategy to begin a business and support :

– Hiring


-Creating time to plan the next steps and goals


  • Chasing his many eclectic passions over the years to build a life where he can tell stories, connect, and show up.


  • Demystifying all the Fear Factors that have you feeling stuck:

– Hiring an employee vs contractors

– Troubleshooting Insurance and workers comp costs and coverage

–  Hiring Bookkeepers/CPAs and Dealing with the IRS

– Setting up LLCs


  • Benefits of hiring employees vs hiring contractors and leveraging them for revenue and cost savings. 


Captivating Quotes from this Episode:



“My first day of hiring people was nervous. But then those employees I built relationships with, and eventually those employees ran my business when I wasn’t even there. So it was a worthwhile investment. And it’s an entrepreneurial risk at first, but that’s an essential skill set every entrepreneur should have”



Businesses fail when the people that are driving vision, or doing the executive or their visionary get into the weeds, and doing tactical, if not operational things when they need to remain strategic, and focus on the big goals.



If you can leverage an employee, and you have what I call a multiplier effect, which is another reason why you hire someone, your business will grow like that. And the multiplier effect is like, when I go back to hiring someone, why am I hiring him? Because I can multiply my revenue, because I can leverage the employee. And sometimes that’s harder to do with a contractor, 



And I can still look back at those brands that I was an employee for, it’s a man, I helped build that brand. And I couldn’t have done that as a contractor, because that just wasn’t my motivation. The motivation was to do X, Y, Z job and get paid for it, versus being an employee is like I helped that person build that firm, like I helped that visionary or that entrepreneur be successful. And that’s like the badge of honor that an employee gets to take with them, always








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