Hiring ISN’T a Magic Bullet + How You Can Make it Easier with Julie Calcote

Let’s talk about managing expectations in our hiring process.

Hiring a team member can and should be amazing – both a relief and a milestone. But if you go into making the decision to bring on a team member with expectations that don’t match reality you’re setting everyone up for disappointment.

In today’s episode, I break down the 6 reasons why hiring ISN’T the magic bullet > ie the solution to all your business stress and burnout, AND how you can reframe your thinking to make hiring work for you and your business.

I also dig into whether or not hiring is right for your business now as well as some alternatives to hiring an online contractor.

If you’re nosy stick around to the end and I’ll share with you what my favorite platform is for all things course hosting, funnels + email.



Highlights from This Episode:


  • The process of hiring takes time (i.e. hiring isn’t a magic bullet)
  • Systems and processes must be created (even if it’s in the beginning stages)
  • There will be a period of adjustment and training (expect at least 60-90 days)
  • There are very important mindset shifts that need to occur when hiring.
  • Explore non-traditional support for you, your business, and your family (ex. Meal delivery)
  • Explore different systems that could work for you and your business (ex. Automations, FG Funnels, etc.)


Captivating Quotes from this Episode:


  • “So why do I say hiring isn’t a magic bullet? Well, first, it takes time to hire correctly. I know you could go post in a Facebook group, we’re all familiar with these groups. And you could say, hey, I need a virtual assistant, can you help me and you’ll have 2050 100 replies in a matter of 24 hours, not to mention the dams that are going to come through. But is that the type of hiring that’s really going to help you long term and get you out of the hole or to help you achieve your goals.”


  • “So know that there’s going to be a period of 30 to even 60 days depending on the scope of what you’re having someone work on that there’s going to be some training there’s going to be some back and forth some feedback ideally, so that that person can really hone in and get what you want done.”


  • “When I first hired, I definitely had some of the more frantic energy of I don’t even have the time to sit and think about what I need to assign to you, or what you can help with. And that really wasn’t an ideal use of that person’s time. And it wasn’t an ideal use of my time. I think sometimes it’s also hard for women, especially to ask for and receive support. And like we can’t discount that in our lives. And depending on you know, lots of factors, but we just might not be used to asking for and are receiving support, that could be a muscle that is something that really needs to be strengthened.”


  • “But I do want people to think about I think sometimes I hear people and they say or they have this expectation that I’m going to make a hire on Monday. And then by Friday I’m going to be you know sipping pina coladas by the beach, not to that extreme, but they’re expecting to feel this large weight lifted off of them. And I can tell you that things will shift, but typically they’re not going to shift that quickly overnight.”


  • “I think that, especially if you’re just starting your business, let’s say you’re in the first year or year and a half, there’s so much value in learning and doing a lot of the things that you’re doing in your business. Not only are you figuring out the nuances of software and systems, how you like to do things, maybe shortcuts, all of those tools are really valuable. And where we can really find the biggest return on our investment of money at this point in the business can be through hiring support, like somebody to do meal prep for you, a nanny to watch your kids, someone to come in and clean your house, do your laundry, it’s all of those things that really give you not only the peace, so you can sit and work on your business when you have time and not be looking around and feel pulled in a bunch of different directions.”




FG Funnels



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