BUILD CONVERTING WEBSITES and Get the Branding of Your Dreams with Mackenzie Mader

In this episode, I’m thrilled to welcome Mackenzie Mader to the Dreamer’s Manual Podcast to share her expertise in brand and web design and  business success. She spends her time sharing her journey in the online space, and offers up valuable tips for clients and service providers in the design business. Mackenzie designed my website, and I have hired people from her course who have been a great representation of what she offers, so I can personally attest to the major value she has to bring to this episode.


She walks us through her journey in the online space and what it’s like offering VIP design days and success coaching for other freelancers in this industry  to help light the path forward in the tech and design space. 


 Highlights from this Episode


We talk about:


  • Her journey in the online space and what it’s like offering VIP design days and success coaching for other freelancers in this industry  to help light the path forward in the tech and design space. 


  •  What makes a great client for designers when they are ready to hire out. How to know you’re ready for custom design, and when it’s appropriate to dabble until you are ready, and when templates are great for building an online presence before you have your complete vision.


  • Getting clear on your branding


  • Her perspective of why a WordPress website will set you up for long term benefits over other platforms available.


  • What she does and does not hire out for in her growing business, and how that can and should  look different for each unique business owner.


  • The communication strategies to use on a call to ensure clarity and client satisfaction


  • Template and service package price points and what clients can do to find the right package for the best return on their investment.



Captivating Quotes from this Episode:


(5:00)How to become a super star service provider 

“There are 3 pillars that really can translate to any service that  help you have a really successful business is that you get clear and confident in your skills, and that’s the skills training portion; the second pillar being that you need systems in order to scale and thats how I’m able to run my business as a solopreneur. So once you have a scalable system, your work flows you can manage projects easily. That removes a lot of time because that’s a repeatable process… the third thing is marketing and positioning yourself as that expert to where you’re able to land clients as the authority and position yourself at a higher price point.”


(19:07) The benefits of her templates

“I always like to compare [my WordPress templates] in the fact that Wix is marketed as that complete DIY solution. And with WordPress templates, you can have that DIY solution on a platform where you actually own your website and you have more flexibility and growth potential for the same and sometimes cheaper prices.”


(30:00)Website branding colors that tell your ideal client a story

In your position having a unique color palette and vibe of your website helps you stand out in your personality of-in particular- that the services you offer like business operations is not overly sexy in general, but can be a very pleasant and fun thing when you bring the right personality… knowing what you’re going to get is something that can really catch people’s eyes.”


(1:04:00)  How to  prioritize your workload                      

“Once you’re in motion, it’s easier to stay in motion, so prioritize the 3 things that can get that ball rolling… it then makes numbers 4, 5, and 6 easier… I just love that satisfaction of crafting off of a list.”



Website: mackenziemader.com

IG: @mackenziemader






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