RADICALLY Shift Your Business Finances with Callie and Krystal of Radical Profits Club

Today we’re going to get real with your money and your business with Callie and Krystal from Radical Profits Club. They are bookkeepers in the business of empowering small business owners to understand their numbers and take control of their financial future.


Callie and Krystal specialize in supporting online entrepreneurs who are looking for a community that is over the status quo, want to take action and let go of financial overwhelm, and find financial help in the online space intentionally knowing it doesn’t have to be complicated and scary to handle your money matters.


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 Highlights from this Episode


 A little about what Krystal and Callie share :


  • Their unique journeys to become bookkeepers in the online space, and how they came to partner together.to build Radical Profits Club.


  • The types of clients that come to them, and where those clients are in their business when they reach out to Callie and Krystal for support.


  •  A rundown of what the support process looks like to help clients understand the numbers and have those business finances work for them.


  • Their approach to building relationships, recognizing whether the client partnership is a good fit, and flexibility to meet their clients’ needs


  • How theyHelp clients take control of their money and make forward changes


  • A deep dive on their Easy Profit Formula that helps businesses set up an effortless money management system to help make their money work, and the different ways clients can access that.


  • Their upcoming course to help support small online businesses who aren’t in the hiring phase with Quickbooksand the benefits of different bookkeeping programs depending on where you are in your business


  • What starting prices look like for prospective clients and the benefits and security of working with online business specific bookkeepers.


  • Feeling lighter just having the conversation about taking control of your money. Breaking down the embarrassment and shame factors that can go along with finances


  •  Money Mindset Book Recommendations (find links below) along with other amazing offers



Captivating Quotes from this Episode:



I live in a super tiny town. So if I were having to try to market my services here, the pickings would be slim. But the online world opens you up to so much. It’s really awesome. And I think that we’ve gotten to work with so many really cool people across the country that I wouldn’t change it. I love it. I love it so much. We have people everywhere, and it’s just really cool to get such a mix of people.



Something that we do a little differently is, we really believe in building relationships with our clients. a lot of bookkeepers are like Noooo, I’m just like a data entry person, I just wanna stay behind the computer, and I want to talk to you. And that’s actually where we end up with a lot of people coming to us because they’re like, I thought my bookkeeper fell off the face of the earth, I don’t know where they went, I have to wait two to three weeks to talk to them. So we really believe in that relationship base. So even from the beginning, when we got a call to someone, we’re not just seeing if they fit with us, like bookkeeping wise. And if they’re like our ideal client, we’re also seeing if they fit with us energy wise.

And if we feel we can actually build a relationship here.



We have a separate offering, called our Easy Profit Formula. And that’s where we help businesses set up a money management system that works really easy for them, that’s got a lot of stuff on the front end setting it up. But once it gets going, it’s very effortless to run. And you don’t really have to even think about making the money work. Because it just does. 



And my very favorite part about this is how we empower our clients. It’s like teaching them how to fish so that they are the ones driving the bus and they have those skills. And it is not scary anymore. That I mean, it’s literally like somebody who hides their head in the sand and just can’t look at it and has so much anxiety about it. And it is a little scary at first, but we hold your hand, we teach you the skills, were right there, and you are able to do it yourself



If you’re working with a new bookkeeper and you’re not sure- especially if it’s your first time hiring a bookkeeper- after about three months, I definitely recommend getting on a call with them, and asking lots of questions. And if you don’t feel really good about what they’re telling you, something feels off. That’s probably your sign that that’s not a good fit.


Callie and Krystal invite listeners to go to their  website to book a free call with and they can create a customized package based on your  unique pain points.










Instagram: @radicalprofitsclib



Freebie:  Financial Scorecard


Book Recommendation You are a Badass at Making Money- Jen Sincero


Book Recommendations: Money: A Love Story- Kate Northrup



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