COPYWRITING: Creating Trust When Hiring Your Creative Team with Amber Kindler

Today, I’m jamming with Amber Kindler about everything related to hiring a copywriter from rates and packages, goals and expectations while working with a copywriter, her upcoming website: The Midwest Marketer, and connecting to the mission and vision and blending the business owner’s personality to generate eye-catching copy. 


We also chat about building relationships with your clients, the importance of  creative work relationships and how to find a good hiring fit.


 Amber is a copywriter and Director of Marketing who lives on a ranch in north central Kansas where she raises cows and kids. She is a former elementary school teacher with a master’s degree in educational administration. After having her son in April 2020, she came home to work in her freelance business full time, where she’s found a love for all things copywriting, connecting, and project management. 


Also Stay tuned for the end of the episode where I share an offer I’ve created for the month of November!


 Highlights from this Episode


We talk about:


  • Her professional  transition from teacher- to freelance copywriter- to director of marketing


  • Micala Quinn’s signature Overwhelmed to Overbooked podcast and course to help women take the leap into freelancing (check links section below)


  • Her process and packages to serve clients who need the written copy, content, and repurposing taken off their plate while they run their business


  • Identifying when it’s time for online business owners to hire out, and when a client will be better served by hiring a director of marketing.


  • Building a strong relationship between client and copywriter by owning your zone of genius.






Captivating Quotes from this Episode:



8:45- Her process capturing her client voice


“I guess when it comes down to copywriting, for me, it’s really getting a really good feel for the business owner, what their mission is, what their vision is, and just really getting inside their brain…I call myself a little bit of a stalker, I stalk every social media post, I read every blog, just, you know, especially when you’re first getting started, just so you can really get a feel for what they stand for how they speak…. What kind of wording they use, are they more serious? Do they have more of an etiquette side? Or are they funny, or sarcastic and sassy. That’s what I think is so much fun about copywriting because you can take that personality and the goal of that business and mesh that together in something that is not only going to put their offer and what they’re all about out there into the world and add that value-  But it also helps those ideal customers that are reading that copy, see, this is what that company is really about.”


16:00- How the  director of marketing role to better serves her clients


“I would say a director of marketing, you know, a copywriter might just be coming into a business and the client saying, I need X amount of emails, and this is what I want included in each. And a copywriter would take that, and implement that. The Director of Marketing, where that differs for me, is they are the ones making the strategy. The client does not have to do that, they really dive into each business and see, okay, what’s our audience? Who’s our competition? Which audiences are we trying to reach? And how can we do that? How does our audience like to consume content- and really figure out those pillar content pieces-whether that’s a blog, or a podcast, or a YouTube channel, and figure out which markets and which platforms are really going to be best, and then they build that strategy down from there”


22.08 Testing the fit when building the relationship between copywriter and client


“I think the biggest part of making sure that it’s the right fit for both is to jump on that discovery call. And even if you need a follow up, because ultimately, this copywriter is stepping in and being your voice for your business. So making sure that it is just a really natural relationship where you can just jump on and chat together. And that copywriter really understands the voice and the style and the brand behind that client. And really making sure that that copywriter is passionate about the same things the business owner is passionate about, I think that’s a huge thing.”


29:04- Owning  your zone of genius


“So when it comes to showing up and really making that copywriter-client relationship, I think the number one thing is making sure that each person is ready to own their space and their zone of genius. The client knows exactly what they want and they are ready to let go of that control and let that copywriter step in and own their zone, so that they can essentially own their zone of genius in the business. I think that’s a huge part of finding the right copywriter that you completely trust and  that you can put that in their hands and they can run with it.”





Website Coming Soon…


Facebook/Instagram @amberkindler




Lindsay White’s Director of Marketing Course Affiliate Link: https://lindsaywhite.co/optin/?oprid=11&ref=637



Micala Quinn’sOverwhelmed to Overbooked Affiliate Link: https://micalaquinn.com/overbooked?orid=521&opid=3



Future Website: www.themidwestmarketer.com



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