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Episode 7: Kerystyn Williams


I love to come into this space and trade war stories with other business and launch managers, and chat about the ways OBMs can really serve their clients, and also give listeners a really valuable peek inside what we do, how we operate, and how an obm can really change the game for online entrepreneurs.


In this episode, I got to nerd out with Kerystyn Williams, a project and launch manager who is all about the details. She helps high achieving women grow their businesses in a way that makes them excited & eager to show up, instead of stressed out, overwhelmed, and defeated. We had such a fun conversation and I am eager to share it with you today.


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 Highlights from this Episode


  • Kerystyn gives us a rundown of her trajectory from virtual assistant to project management and system strategy pro and gives us a peek inside  how she spends an average day supporting her clients.


  • Building trust and forming true connections with her clients, while addressing her client’s pain points from a judgement free place


  • Her master launch management skills and what those projects look like in relation to general project management. 


  • Questions to ask before you bring on a project or launch manager to make sure you’re on the same page




→Core Values/Personality Assessments


  • Where to start if you are interested in becoming an online project manager and the steps that she took that were valuable to building her business.


  • How do you know you are ready to launch and support a team?


Captivating Quotes from this Episode:



The place that my clients are in when they come to me is in a spot where they feel like they’re working so much, and nothing is moving forward. I think it’s really important to give them a space to get things out of their mind, so that they’re not holding on to so much. I work really closely with the clients that I have, because I like to make myself available to them and I want to know, does this fit into our plans, or this isn’t going right, or this is going really great. I like for my clients to be able to connect with me openly. Because when they are open about where they are and how they’re feeling and what they want from the business, it gives me the ability to like, take that information and make sure we’re doing it as efficiently as possible so that they’re getting the results that they want.



I think that really starts at the beginning of the relationship that I form with my clients, I start them all off on what I call a deep dive session, where I basically like pick their brain about everything that’s going on in their business, I think just that call itself helps us build that level of trust, where they feel like okay, like, you know, you’re pulling things out of me that I hadn’t even thought of. And so then they feel more comfortable coming to me for like suggestions or advice or, you know, just an extra brain to like bounce ideas off of, it’s probably one of my favorite parts of the of what I do.



You don’t have to feel embarrassed because the back end is a mess, especially if that’s not your zone of genius. Not everyone is strong in that area, And when you have someone supporting you there, it just frees up your space to focus on what you really enjoy. I always tell people, there’s no need for the embarrassment because it’s so common, and it’s not anything that’s going to scare me away. And it’s something that can easily be moved into a place where things are working a lot better.



So I actually have a client. When we started working together, she had launched a group coaching program two times, and both times she didn’t sell any seats. And so when she came to me, we were in a place where we were just trying to troubleshoot what was going on in her business and how her marketing efforts were impacting her launch. And so after we put some systems in place, like automated her funnel and things like that, we started to launch her group program again, and with the actual project plan in place, and being able to like hire out like copywriters, and content creators ahead of time, it gave her the space to be able to really show up and get visible in front of her audience. So she went from having two launches, where she made no money to making $13,000 in three days.



My advice would be to always hire before you feel ready. I like to say that I don’t think ready is a feeling that any of us ever get to, like right when you get to the point where it’s like okay, I’m almost ready,  something else happens and you’re not anymore. You have to take that step before you feel ready because if you wait until like you’re in the thick of it, it’s going to be that much harder.













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