Kajabi – Why we love this all-in-one system

When I traveled out of state, one of the things I asked immediately when going grocery shopping was “where’s all of the other stuff?”.


In Alaska, I shop at a local grocery store that has so many more things than groceries. In one trip, we can:


  • Grab our weekly groceries 
  • Buy the family clothes and shoes 
  • Redecorate our room with paint and new bedding
  • Browse a large selection of books 
  • Buy furniture for the living room 
  • Snag plants for the garden
  • Buy a gun (because – Alaska)
  • Buy a fishing license


Now, because I’m spoiled rotten with this one stop shopping, when I heard of Kajabi – an all-in-one software to sell online courses – it sounded right up my alley.


Can you put together a course solution piece by piece? For sure. But unless you are 100% set on a certain platform for your website, sales funnel and sales pages, email marketing tool, checkout cart, and course or membership hosting platform, why not try Kajabi?


What do we love about Kajabi?


Kajabi is a true one stop shop. Kajabi:


Offers payment integration using Stripe and PayPal


Includes email marketing tools


Offers marketing automations such as campaigns and funnels


Allows you to create your own website that stores all of your courses and other important information


Has a catalog of ready-made themes for website and course creation


Can create custom domains to ensure courses are easily found


Comes with a course creation tool that lets you create classes, videos, and other forms of digital educational content


Can offer student payment options, monthly subscriptions, etc.


Is available on mobile devices through the Kajabi App


So with all of the pros – does Kajabi have any cons?


As with any software, learning a new platform has a learning curve. Kajabi does their best to meet their customers’ needs with the offer of a free onboarding call and lots of in-house training to get you up and running. 


Kajabi does sometimes offer limited free trials of their platform, but there is no free tier at this time.


So what’s our final say on Kajabi?


If you are launching or growing your course or membership, even with the learning curve, Kajabi is an amazing tool and one we highly recommend.

Check out Kajabi for yourself HERE!


Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. I only partner with websites and platforms that I use on a daily basis and provide real value to my business and my team. Affiliate links mean that at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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