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How to Create a Team Organization Chart

Part of business growth for most entrepreneurs will include building a team. Whether you prefer small and mighty or want to surround yourself with a large and thriving company, it’s important to plan your growth and new hires with the same attention to detail as you plan the rest of your business.


A team organization chart has benefits both now and later. In the present, it clearly defines the structure of your business, increasing efficiency by allowing people to communicate through the proper channels. What you may not know is that it allows for future planning in your business as well. For example, a team org chart will show if there is a need for a certain position in order to improve productivity and performance, and what positions will need to be filled as certain goals are reached.


So, now that we’ve determined how important a team organization chart can be, here are the simple steps to make a stellar team organization chart:


  1. Decide which organizational chart you will use: 
  • Hierarchical models – Grouped by department and skill set, this model offers a clear chain of command and is easy to follow. 
  • Matrix models – Grouped by project or product, this model encourages more open communication between departments with various teams reporting to one or more managers. This type of organizational chart is appropriate for businesses with larger product lines.
  • Flat models – By removing middle management, this model allows for faster decision making and is great for businesses in the start-up phase. 
  • Circle models – With all team members playing an equal and vital role in the business, this model removes traditional business hierarchies. 


        2. Collect all team data and organize chart using one of the previously

           mentioned models


        3. Organize/fill in chart according to data collected and secure safely


Here are some quick, user-friendly templates to use in order to build a stellar team organization chart:


Now, don’t let this task intimidate you or create a feeling of dread. Polish off that whiteboard, grab some coffee, and whip up your org chart! 


You’ve got this!


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