ClickUp Dashboards: Why Business Owners Need Them

Yesterday when I was driving my kids to sports practice, I was thinking about how amazing the dashboard of my car is. Is that a weird thing to be thinking about? Maybe!


At a glance I can see how much gas I have, which direction I’m headed, the name of the road I’m driving on, what music is playing, the temperature inside and outside of my car – and with a few clicks of a button I can see even more!


Whether I’m driving or in business, I always want to have an eye on what’s important and where I’m going. In order to do this, I utilize one of my most-used business tools…ClickUp! 


ClickUp not only helps me keep track of my daily/weekly/monthly/yearly tasks, but it allows me to delegate important tasks to my team members. By building in systems and processes within ClickUp, my clients’ businesses can basically run themselves!


An underutilized tool in ClickUp definitely is ClickUp dashboards


You might be asking, “Julie, what the heck are ClickUp dashboards?” I’d like to think of ClickUp dashboards as my own customizable “mission control center.” From your ClickUp dashboards, you can customize them with a variety of widgets to do everything from seeing an overview of projects, specific task statuses, team workload, who has overdue tasks – and more! 


You can also share your dashboards with your team and even embed documents and/or videos that are useful or helpful to yourself or your team members. 


For example, on my ClickUp dashboard, I have created custom dashboards for myself, my team, and clients. I create, assign, and follow-up on tasks for myself and my fellow team members right from dashboards. I know in a matter of minutes how my business is running for the day, what tasks I need to complete for my clients, and how I can plan/organize my week to run smoothly and efficiently.


ClickUp dashboards help me to run my business and my clients’ businesses like a well-oiled machine! Tell me, could dashboards help you in your business? Do you have or use ClickUp? If not, check it out HERE.


Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. I only partner with websites and platforms that I use on a daily basis and provide real value to my business and my team. Affiliate links mean that at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.




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