Ease, Automation and Marketing [Summer Edition] with Jackie Ellis

As we ease into summer, sometimes that means new schedules and shifted priorities for our businesses.


Today, my guest Jackie talks about how she runs her online business during the summer with kids at home and what automation she sets up in her business to nurture her audience while not being tied to her desk 24/7.


If you haven’t met her yet, Jackie Ellis is a Digital Marketing Strategist who helps busy online entrepreneurs grow profitable, joyful businesses through killer copywriting + marketing. As the owner of a mom-led digital marketing agency, she’s committed to helping female entrepreneurs get seen (and make more money) online.


We talk about:

  • Facebooks ads and the nature of change in online business
  • The automation Jackie built to nurture her email list
  • Having kids home for summer and the possibility of them working in your business
  • Why shifting your expectations for summer can support you and your business



Connect with Jackie:

Jackie’s Website: www.jackieellismarketing.com

Find Jackie’s Free Facebook Ads Training: www.jackieellismarketing.com/10x

Follow Jackie on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamjackieellis/


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