Boost Your Business & Authority From In Person Events with Marsha Battee

Have you ever dreamed of hosting in-person events? Whether for your business or your hobby (knitting retreat anyone?), in-person events can be a powerful way to showcase your expertise and deepen your impact.


Today our guest is Marsha Battee. She is an event planning strategist and coach for visionary entrepreneurs who want to create awe-inspiring experiences for their clients. From ideation to day-of execution, Marsha is an expert in all aspects of development and management, whether it’s a small, intimate retreat or a high-end multi-day conference.


Most recently, she hosted the 1st Annual Black Nurses Week Conference, a 3-day event for which she secured a dozen speakers and $25K in sponsorships.



Today Marsha shares:

  • How in-person events can increase customer loyalty and sales
  • Why in-person events create better outcomes for your clients
  • How to navigate in-person events as a guest or host as an introvert
  • How pivoting her business helped Marsha step into her power – and more!



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