Is Dubsado Right for Your Business?

If you are like me, then your goals include automating and creating systems for as many things as possible in order to free you up to focus on what really matters.


Cue Dubsado! 


Dubsado is a Customer Relationship Management software (aka CRM). This CRM software streamlines and automates projects from start to finish, can improve client experience, and assists in growing your business with simple automations. 


Here are just a few things Dubsado can take off of your plate as an entrepreneur:


Dubsado houses all the back-end necessities in your business: projects, contracts, invoices, workflows, appointments, and time tracking . 


You can create workflows for your most common client pathways, which automates the times and actions in which documents are sent — If software can work for me when I’m not at my desk, I’m ALL IN! 


As an example, Dubsado can automatically send scheduled emails with your pricing and contact information to any leads generated from your website. If a potential client uses your social media to research your services instead of your website, Dubsado offers a personalized link in order to track those leads and send automated emails as well. Potential clients will have everything they need at their fingertips to set up a discovery call with you.


There are also brand-specific settings in Dubsado where you can upload your branding in all of your automated systems! 


Dubsado offers proposals, contracts, and other templates in their template library that you can customize using your own branding. You can also upload your own documents to use.


Moving on to the discovery call:  Dubsado offers a calendar booking system that is similar to Acuity or Calendly. There are two scheduler settings – “Date Conflicts” and “Appointment Scheduler Conflicts” to ensure that you aren’t double booking yourself. Dubsado will alert you of any scheduling conflicts through these settings. 


Dubsado can also automatically send over the proposal, contract, and invoice. The entire onboarding process is taken care of with no need for you to individually send items or follow up!


Another great feature is the ability to create a client portal that’s unique to them. They will have access to their portal within Dubsado where all email communication, documents, and forms are accessible. 


It’s like having a timely, extremely organized, and dependable clone of yourself! 


Now, can you see why Dubsado is such an asset to my business? It keeps me on track and it allows my business to flow seamlessly with a few clicks of a button. Click here to sign up for Dubsado and save your sanity!


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