6 Tips to Get You Hired for the Job You Want

Have you applied for jobs you really wanted only to not get an interview?


It’s happened to all of us.



Thankfully, there are little things that you can tweak that will get you an interview.


Side note: Spelling and grammar are most definitely on the list. It never fails that an incredibly talented candidate doesn’t get an interview because there are spelling and grammar errors.


While I’m a big believer that things always work out the way they’re supposed to I also believe in taking proactive action while working towards my dreams.


On this week’s podcast episode, I’m taking all of my experience hiring employees and contractors online and offline and sharing 6 tips for improving your chances of getting hired for the job you want.



Whether it’s showing your personality or tailoring your portfolio to your potential client, you don’t want to miss these invaluable hiring tips! Head over to the episode!




Whether you’re hiring right now or just getting your business systems in order I have a free workbook to get you started. You can find it at www.julietraining.com/starterkit

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