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The Ultimate SOP Templates Every Business Owner Needs to Save Time & Money

After four years in business and after helping countless incredible clients create systems to automate and run their businesses…I’ve come to the conclusion that a biz without Standard Operating Procedures (AKA – SOP’s) is like trying to knit with no needles…






Now I’m not here to sell you on the idea that there is some secret, magic formula you need to create the business of your dreams. I don’t believe that’s true and I’m very suspicious of anyone who says otherwise (especially if they are dangling those secrets behind a fancy and expensive mastermind or paywall). 


The truth is, if you consistently follow simple, proven strategies you’re going to win every time. And SOPs are one of those proven tools!


When I talk to business owners that have too many tasks and not enough time, the thing they have in common is that they need to streamline. And by streamline I mean: simplify, eliminate, document, and delegate.


I know that it can feel overwhelming and hard to know where to start so let’s walk through the steps.


In order to know what you should be doing you need to know what it is you’re currently doing. And I’m not talking generally – I recommend you spend 3-5 days a quarter tracking what it is you’re really doing every 15-30 min. I KNOW you’re now probably silently cursing me in your head because you already are feeling overwhelmed and I want to you to do ONE MORE THING! But stick with me here. Before we clean our closets we have to take everything out. We need to see what we have, what we need to donate, what belongs somewhere else (or to someone else), and then we can decide what type of system to put in place to stay organized.  Think of a time study as cleaning your business closet. You really need to see what’s there to really effectively move forward. 


This is also where you get brutally honest. You don’t have to show this breakdown to anyone. If you’re spending an hour on a midday scroll or curating your dream shopping cart in Amazon – that’s just information. I’m not telling you that you need to be a robot that optimizes every second of their day in order to have the business that you want – but you are going to see patterns and gather information about how to streamline the time you do have allocated to your business. Check out my free time study template here


Now after you do this time study, one thing you might want to do or do better is to delegate tasks. These could be tasks outside of your wheelhouse, tasks that aren’t making you money or tasks that are draining the literal life from your body. Any way you slice it, delegating tasks is going to be better for you and for the person you’re assigning tasks to if there is a clear path to how you want the task completed. 


Real talk here – just like the time study is it going to take you a little extra time to document a task the next time you complete it? For sure. BUT this is also your ticket to freedom, and it’s worth the cost.


Let’s get down to the nitty gritty: what should you include in your SOPs?

  1. Anything the person competing will need to do this task or process (think other documents, templates, logins, videos, etc.)
  2. Any guidelines, policies, or meaning behind the task. Who is responsible for this task, how ofen do we complete it, why is this important?
  3. A step by step breakdown of the process
  4. Documentation who created this task + as a bonus a recurring task to review this every 3-12 months to make sure it’s still up to date.


Now, well we’re not selling secret tips and tricks I do love a good shortcut – and for me a template is one of my most favorite type of shortcuts. Could you create SOPs from scratch? For sure! Do you want to save a little time and use a proven template to plug and play? Then I have something I think you’ll love!


No Sweat SOP templates!!



NO SWEAT SOP’S are a template bank and training bundle that will dramatically shortcut the path to outsourcing your recurring tasks and stepping into your role as CEO.


Let’s break it down even more…


Imagine being able to assign a task with a click of a button and know it will be done exactly how you want, or have the space to grow your business, or FINALLY take a vacation without your laptop. All without adding more time to your already busy schedule. This is the freedom and peace of mind No Sweat SOP’s can give you!


So, what did we include?


SOP Tracking Database: With this tracker, you’ll know exactly which SOPs you need to create, which are in progress, and have a built in training hub for all team members. This checklist will keep you organized and on track and it’s so simple to use—you’ll never wonder again whether you have a canned an SOP for that. 


Video Training on Hiring Clarity: In these three video lessons, I walk you through the foundation you need to delegate successfully. In your business. This means you’ll get crystal clear on where your business is growing, what you stand for as a company, and where you’re spending (and wasting) your most valuable resource – time. Because let’s be real – clarity will move the needle  #glowup


Team Communication Guidebook Template: With this template, you’ll create the perfect Team Communication Guide. Need to set, clear, easy-to-use expectations while you grow your team? Don’t waste time starting from scratch, or worse wasting time on miscommunication – swipe this file for the perfect onboarding document. 



SOP Templates: You’ll have access to over 15 of the most commonly used SOPs in online business. The templates are already built in Google Drive so you can jump in, add your details, and have a completed process. 


⭐BONUS: OBMs Favorite Business Tools 

⭐BONUS: SOP Start-Up Guide 

⭐BONUS: Tech Stack Shortcuts 

⭐BONUS: Team Onboarding Questionnaire 


I can promise you that if you truly want to organize, automate, and scale your business, SOP’s are the way to do it. Let this resource give you back your time and create the freedom in your life that you’ve always dreamed of.


Click here to get started.


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