Planning Q4 with Ease to Have the Best Start in 2023

The end of the year is approaching whether we want it to or not…




Today on the podcast I’m talking about how to start thinking about and planning for the last quarter of the year – even if you didn’t start the year with massive goals or you did, but want to throw your goals out of the window of a speeding train. It’s never too late to start planning the rest of your year with ease.



I don’t believe you have to have an arbitrary date to reset your work or mental calendar, but whether it just makes sense cyclically or it’s been programed into me, I do like to do a year-end review before the new year starts.


So, where do I begin??


Start with examining your goals for this year. Are those goals still aligned and do you still want to meet them?


Get into the nitty gritty about what it will take to meet those goals. For example, if you need one more retainer client or 6 more VIP clients to meet your goals, how many discovery calls do you need to reach that goal?


Now let’s say you don’t have set goals – you can still ask yourself what you want to accomplish if anything by the end of the year. Here are some examples:
  • Hire a new team member
  • Hit a monetary goal
  • Take Friday off or work a certain # of hours per week
  • Take a complete a certification/up-level your services/raise your prices
  • Build a marketing plan you can stick to
  • Create a foundation for your 2023 goals
Take some time to write out what it is you really desire.


Be realistic. Plan in holiday obligations, time off, family events, etc.


If we can slow down to take an assessment of where we’re at and ask ourselves some important questions, we can pay it forward and set ourselves up for massive success in 2023. Let’s goooo!


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