Evergreen Visibility: How to Energy-Proof Your Marketing in 2022 and Beyond with Genevieve Christianson

Are you burnt out thinking about marketing for your business – or worse yet, don’t know where to start? As busy business owners, we are all looking for easy, sustainable, and most importantly successful systems to use in our business – and marketing is no exception.



Today Genevieve of Neon Soul Marketing shares:

  • How to grow your visibility without spending all of your time learning about the ever-changing features of social media
  • How to energy-proof your marketing as a solopreneur (aka, how to plan for times when you’re busy with client work, taking time to be with family, or just DRAINED!)
  • How to choose your unique marketing methodologies and stick to what works
  • And tips (and a freebie) for the most underrated form of visibility…podcast guesting!


Genevieve is the owner of Neon Soul Marketing, a boutique marketing and PR agency that specializes in helping coaches, course creators, services providers, and other online entrepreneurs get visible! After becoming a stay-at-home mom in 2017, she realized how much she missed the workforce but also didn’t want to be tied to a 9-5. That’s where freelancing and online entrepreneurship came into play, and there’s been no stopping since!


Want to know how to create an amazing podcast pitch topic? Check out Genevieve’s free training HERE: www.neonsoulmarketing.com/freeminicourse


You can connect with Genevieve at her website www.neonsoulmarketing.com and on Instagram at /neonsoulmarketing/


Connect with me:

Instagram: @juliecalcoteobm

Hiring Freebie: www.julietraining.com/starterkit


Books Mentioned:

Business is Personal by Bethany Frankel

To Bleed a Cyrstal Bloom by Sarah A. Parker

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