Mid Year Check In: Celebrations and Setbacks

Good news first? Or bad?



Let’s start with the good:


  • We launched the hiring course.
  • The podcast is feeling really amazing.
  • OBM School Mentorship is a delight. We are doing live monthly Q&As, workshops coming up, love all those students!
  • Clients – I’ve had long term client but I mess being at the beginning stages with a client so will be taking a new client in the fall.
  • Team – the best


Ok now the shake-ups:


  • Systems: I’ve been with FG Funnels for more than a year – the price is good. you can get in with a backend offer for $97 plus a little bump for email.
  • The cons – it’s WAY more than what I need and it’s overly complicated. Brandi described it working sort of like Zapier and I agree. You have to connect everything and create all these automation – which they now upsell in a pack. The funnels are beautiful and you can get any funnel in their library for free. BUT the cost is your time. Attending tech calls and spending lots of hours making things work.
  • So where am I going? Back to Kajabi and moving email to Convertkit. I moved one of the freebies there already to try it out and I’m actually excited to send emails again because it was so quick and easy.
  • The rest of my stack, CU, Dubsado, Captivate is all staying the same.
  • What else didn’t work. This is a vulnerable one. I was set on building a digital shop. I sunk A LOT of time and money into creating the shop and have it totally up and ready to go. BUT something about just didn’t feel right. It wasn’t gel-ing. Usually for me when things work they work and this was a struggle from name to how the products fit together. Basically, I have a small suite of products created and I wanted to offer them to you guys I thought a shop would be the best way to do it.


How can you tell somethings not working? 

Does it still make sense?

Is there a better way?


Once I stepped back from the shop I realized I was WAY overcomplicating things.


I could set up some tiny offer/SLO funnels in the backend of Kajabi and call it a day. I could target them to the right people with my fancy Converkit automation 


Now this process I had to grieve for a little and also work on forgiving myself for making a mistake. I don’t believe learning is a mistake because I’ll be able to use that insight with and for clients. Also I already had Kajabi set up so to re set it up means more time and money. I’m still in process with this but I do think it’s the best decision overall. 


The tiny offers and simple to set up, interchangeable and targeted which makes marketing and messaging so much easier. People can consume a podcast they want, find the tool or template they need which means they can get the help they need faster and easier. 


The 8-week sprits are working out good and have been such a good addition to our business. I can smash goals while still feeling agile.


Summer schedule – Overall good. I rested more than I expected but I believe in taking rest when needed. There is lots more interruptions than I would like.


I always look forward to the shifts and gifts of a new season. There’s also a lot to look forward to in the next few months:


  • I’m partnering with Sarah Noked to create an amazing visibility workshop for OBMs, DOOs, PM’s – it’s going to be in depth but not overwhelming. 4 weeks long SO much fun! October/November
  • I have a workshop Coming in September so keep your eyes out for that.
  • Also 2 tiny products that are going to launch in the next few weeks – we’ll probably kick those off with a little podcast episode so stay tuned.
  • Also coming up on a year anniversary for the podcast. I’m so proud of how far we’ve come and I always have ideas of what is next. OBM panel – how we got started, etc.
  • Also I was thinking about my heart wants to talk to other entrepreneurs  and get their origin story – brick and mortor too – if you like that send me a DM or if there is something you want to see or see more of.


Connect with me:

Instagram: @juliecalcoteobm

Hiring Freebie: www.julietraining.com/starterkit


Podcast Mentioned:

Serve Scale Soar with Brandi Mowles – Ep. 145: Using 6 Week Working Cycles in Your Business


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