REPURPOSE Your Content to Save Time and Money with Dee Anna Pippenger

The Dreamer’s Manual Podcast is all about embracing working smarter, not harder, and showing up authentically. And my guest this week shares her valuable perspectives and tips on how to do just that. 


Dee-Anna Pippenger is a former elementary school teacher turned mama and podcast manager and content creator. She loves being able to help her clients make a bigger impact by streamlining their content strategy. 


Dee-Anna shares some great insights for online service providers looking to hire or become an expert in the content strategy and repurposing space. If you’ve ever wondered how other entrepreneurs manage to show up authentically and consistently while running a business, Dee-Anna gives a peek behind the curtain to show how it’s done. 


I hope you find her insights valuable as you navigate your dream business. You’ll find links to connect with Dee-Anna at the end of the show notes. And listen to the intro for my offer to help you build your own dream team. If you like what you hear, you can download your free Hiring Starter Kit at www.julietraining.com/starterkit.



 Highlights from this Episode


  • Steps to getting hired as a content strategist and podcast manager by leading with value.


  • Repurposing long form content and leveraging it in different ways to market to your target audience on different platforms.


  • Creating connections and building relationships by showing up to solve a problem in your own unique and authentic way.


  • Creative ways to invest your energy in the value you bring and learning how to adjust and hire out so you can keep focused.


  • Identifying the things that are aligned and connected with your values and bring out your passion and energy to show up and serve as an online service provider, as well as red flags to watch out for when searching for the right kind of partnership. 


  • Considerations for hiring somebody to repurpose your content and simplify your processes.


Captivating Quotes from this Episode:


9:10 [I]take more of a long form piece of content, and then to be able to break that down into social media captions and an email for the week. And if you have a podcast, another thing to make sure is like, there’s ways that can help in providing strategy.


16:16 I think a lot of creatives would say, Oh, no, I just need maximum flexibility. But I think a lot of times when you have structure in place, that’s when the anxiety reduces, and then you’re able to step in, because you know, everything’s taken care of and, and that’s kind of the peace of mind, I think I like to offer my clients in that way. So that’s really powerful.


28:42 I think even if you are just getting started, and like you’re in your Instagram, and you’re like, oh my gosh, dream client alert, like, I would love to work with this person, like, cold pitch them because your enthusiasm is so flattering. And I have gotten a couple clients just because they’re like, you’re like way too excited about, you know, and they want to give you a shot just because that’s what they want on their team. They don’t want someone who has meth about what they’re creating and the impact that they’re having on their people.


30:08- Creating content buckets, and identifying- what are all the ways that I show up to serve my audience. And again, this can be like, super simple in terms of a Google Doc or a note on your phone. But identifying all those things like what are you the absolute expert at? You also want to be able to just open that note or that Google Doc and keep adding to it, even if it’s just like a little notes, just so that you can bring that document up and break it down for someone have, these are all the ways I want to show up whether or not you’ve actually been doing that or not, these are all the ways that I want to show it because you want to keep your your content fresh. And the more that you can cycle through all of those buckets and continue adding to them, then that just prevents you from getting to burnout mode, and allows you to always be providing that person that you’re bringing on your team to just have a source to pull from at all times



  Email: deeannapippenger@gmail.com


Websites: http://deeannapippenger.com/


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