Authentically Create Connection in Your Online Business With Becky Brunner

Today we’re excited to share a repeat guest – Becky Brunner!


One thing I’ve heard since the beginning of 2023 is how many people are craving connection. Whether that’s in your personal life or it extends to your online business life and community, I’m seeing people really digging into all that community has to offer.



Becky is an expert at community. She is a value-driven, adventure-loving, team culture strategist who works with female-owned businesses and their teams to get them connecting on a level beyond just “work.”


Today we dig into:

  • Does community increase your business revenue?
  • How to authentically create connections
  • Networking and connecting as an introvert
  • How to use tech to support your business connections
  • Creating community in your course or membership
  • And more!


Links You’ll Love:

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Becky’s Free 30 Days of Connection Prompts

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