Growing & Marketing Your Podcast in 2023 With Kayla Wells

Do you:

  • Have a podcast
  • Want to start a podcast in 2023
  • Have clients who have a podcast
  • Want to market your business organically in 2023

If any of those apply to you, you’re in luck friend! Today on the podcast our guest is Kayla Wells. Kayla is a powerful podcast manager and marketing mastermind and she’s spilling all those secrets she gives to her paid clients to our community.



Kayla has such a relatable story on how she came to work from home and for herself:


Kayla is a lifelong learner who apparently got her degree in the wrong field. She was happily and quickly climbing the corporate ladder when a massive bombshell was dropped into her life. Not only did she find out she was pregnant with her second child… there was a third in there too.


Fast-forward to the end of her maternity leave and staring down the barrel of a one-income household and she knew there had to be a better way.


She started learning everything she could about building her own online business and when she found podcast management she knew she’d found her spot. Now she’s on a mission to help creative professionals turned entrepreneur to spread their message and create their very own movements through podcasting.


Today Kayla shares:

  • Her two top tips on how to promote and market your business and grow your podcast audience
  • A breakdown of podcast ads
  • How she does it all with 4 young kids at home, a marketing job, and a podcast management agency
  • A common mistake people make when booking podcast guests
  • How to be an amazing podcast guest
  • And more!



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