Unleash the Power of Your Business Data with Kiva Slade

Nobody says, “ I want less freedom,” when they’re starting or growing their business. But many entrepreneurs are missing out on key opportunities to build time and decision freedom because they are avoiding the numbers. Yep, understanding your business data can be challenging, but it’s crucial for making informed decisions that lead to growth and success. And we’re bringing even more solutions to help get you unstuck.


 In this episode, we’re excited to welcome Analytics and Operations Consultant, Kiva Slade, who will help us demystify and address our numbers realistically, bring clarity to Google Analytics 4, and unlock the power of our business data.



Kiva Slade is the Owner and Lead Consultant of The 516 Collaborative, and she is committed to helping businesses use data and analytics for data-driven decision-making. Kiva collaborates with her clients and gives them the high-level strategy, data, and operational excellence they need to show up as their best selves in their business and personal lives.She does this while honoring her values of integrity, candor, curiosity, optimism, and fun. 


Don’t let the aversion to numbers hold you back! Tune in to this episode to learn from Kiva and unleash the power of your business data. With her guidance, you’ll be able to identify opportunities for growth, avoid common mistakes, and make informed decisions that lead to success. Let’s get excited about data and take our creative enterprises to the next level!


 Highlights from this Episode


  • How Kiva got her start in this arena
  • How tracking your numbers can empower you and reserve and direct your energy toward the most impactful endeavors in our business
  • Marketing and operational data financial data to create business intelligence and wealth creation for women to guide your business forward faster.
  • How data tracking can help simplify decision-making and bring you freedom
  • Releasing shame about the Backend of your business
  • Where to start, with tracking and recognizing what you’re already doing to make decisions around the numbers without the sense of angst
  • Making small, informed tweaks to improve the way we connect, and ultimately change the game in our business
  • Setting realistic expectations so we can harness the energy of going slow at first so that we can ultimately go fast, (and more effectively)in our business
  • What to do when you have the numbers but don’t yet know how to effectively extract meaning from them
  • The nitty gritty about Google analytics 4 and how to migrate over from universal analytics without a whole tech team +Her 10-step migration checklist and/or 48 hour google setup VIP Days to help simplify the transition (see links below)


Captivating Quotes from this Episode:


5:53 Harnessing all the components to build our Business Intelligence


 “So looking at people’s marketing data, as well as operational data, because to me, they’re both really important in a business, there are two components, as well as financial data, which also build together to formulate what’s called Business Intelligence, which big businesses use on a regular basis to guide their efforts. And I really think as small business owners, we need to take advantage of that as well. And using that business intelligence, intelligence to guide us forward in what we do. So I love that intersection of data and operations, and how the two inform each other. And really helping business owners harness their data. So that they, as I said earlier, just really make better decisions.”


12:07 The data deep dive is where the nuggets are


“ I think a lot of times we get caught in, let’s fix it quickly. And when we’re trying to fix it quickly, we don’t do that deep dive. And  the deep dive is often where the nuggets are, you know, where you’re finding the real gems. And it’s like, OH! because a quick fix just looks like people are on our list. And our email list is growing. Yeah, that’s a good thing. You know, a deeper dive says, Oh, they’re on the list for three months before they actually make a purchase. Okay, so you know then you need to nurture these people for three months cycle in order to get them to make a buy.


19:24 Starting with your Marketing Analytics to create time freedom


“We’re on this content creation hamster wheel and feeling completely burnt out. So by starting with your marketing analytics, obviously, if you have a website, I strongly encourage you to have Google Analytics 4 installed on that. Because that is one way you’re going to figure out how are people finding you, you know, connect that to your Google Search Console and have those things on your site. So you’re knowing what SEO people are using to find you and where the heck are they coming from? Are they coming from just random Google or Bing searches? Or are they coming from Instagram? Facebook, Linked in Twitter, Pinterest, whatever that platform is in is that platform where you are spending your time?”


36:46 setting realistic expectations with your data

“ Being realistic in that if you’ve never launched anything, please don’t tell me you want 50 like 1000 versions. Like, it would be great and wonderful. And I hope you have all the pixie dust to do that. But the reality is like a more realistic managed expectation is probably like your best goal might be 20, you know, in like your good goal is just that it might be 2  and be okay with that and know that it’s a learning process. And it’s a learning experience. And you’ll take the data from what you’ve learned on this one, and you’ll apply it to the next one, and that one will have more people. So it’s looking at all of it as all interconnected. You know, and I don’t know if we always do that, in our, in our minds, we think parts of our businesses… we don’t always make the connections between what happens with operations as it relates to sales. Because if you did have 25 conversions, is your team ready to handle what that looks like to get that product out, to onboard those people into a coaching program, to… whatever it is like you want to see how each of these things is actually connected to one another. And when you start to have that more holistic framework, it really helps you make sure that you allow the timelines and set the right expectations for yourself and your team. And I think that really comes into play and it’s helpful.” 


46 :05 Her Google Analytics 4 Checklist resource


“The tool I have is it literally it’s a migration checklist, it is 10 steps to get you set up in Google Analytics for without a tech team you do not have to be techie to do this, this will get you set up. This will also include important things like filtering out your internal IP, because a lot of things that took place in Universal Analytics was, people had their own, they never blocked out their own IP address. So that meant every time I went to my own website, it was counting me. And you’re like, Well, I had 15 new visitors. Oh, wait, that was me for 13 of those. And so we don’t want  that data, we want to have what they call clean data and not dirty to be like, yeah, that was me. Okay, so we want to filter out you. Also get your team’s IP addresses and filter them out, name them who they are. So that, you know those visits are not getting commingled with actual customer visits. And we can make some better decisions from that data. But literally, it’s an easy peasy checklists, it gets you going, it gets you set up.” 



Connect with Kiva:

Website: http://the516collaborative.com/

Email: hello@the516collaborative.com

LinkedIn: http://the516collaborative.com/


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 Free Move to Google Analytics 4 Checklist

 516 Collaborative Services- Google Analytics 4 Setup VIP Day

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