How to Create Valuable Authentic Content that Feels Good

What’s your favorite way to create content? And I do mean favorite way. 


I ask this question because I know some people love to write. Others love to talk things out. Still others have fun hopping on camera and creating videos. No matter how you like to create content, what is it that keeps you creating? 


For me, I need to have the time and space to lean into my creativity, but also to explore topics that are interesting to me. I would also prefer to talk things out rather than write. While I don’t HATE writing, it feels so much better to just talk. 


Why am I telling you all of this? 


Because when people ask me about my podcast I get two types of questions. The first is about podcast strategy and how to get a podcast going. The other is all about creating content and knowing what to talk about. 


I’m sharing all about the mindset I was in as I started my podcast and why I decided to take everything I knew about podcasting and turn it on its head. Want to incorporate a new way of creating content in your business, but concerned about doing it your way? 


Learn how to create authentic content that feels good to you and keeps YOU engaged and get a glimpse behind the scenes of the podcast!




Highlights from This Episode:

  • I’m sharing what it took for me to rethink how I was creating content
  • My process for figuring out my preferred way of getting content from my brain to you
  • Why, whatever I chose had to be fun! (Hint: Ever listen to the intro?)
  • My process for inviting guests on
  • The reason you won’t ever hear the same information over and over again


Captivating Quotes from this Episode:

  • I said listen, I am not going to create any more content. If this is what it’s going to look like. I’d rather do nothing than do something like this.
  • It has to be fun because if I’m not enjoying it, it is going to feel like a huge amount of work that I have just added to my plate. So that’s why right out of the gate, when we thought about the intro for the podcast, now, you might like love the intro, you might hate the intro. Ultimately, like it makes me smile. And me as a listener, when I tune into people’s podcast, I really appreciate a well thought out and descriptive intro. But the reality is, when I’m a listener, and I’ve listened to my 50th episode from that person, I’m kind of over it.
  • There was this frustration, and this feeling of inauthenticity that I had. So really making the decision to lean into who you are, and then making and setting your expectation around it. For me that was fun, and letting things unfold as you make that intention known.
  • I believe that you guys are as multifaceted as I am. And you don’t want to hear the same thing probably over and over and over again.
  • I like to have spontaneous conversations. I very rarely pre plan my interview questions. I prefer to really be in the moment and give my full 100% attention on the person. So it’s like the active listening. I’m taking in what they’re saying. And I think because of that I’m also able to hopefully my goal is asked questions that would occur to you as a listener.





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