SUPPORT: How to Get Help When You Need It

In this bite-sized solo episode, I share my insights on the S-word lots of women are scared to ask for: Support. This is a big one, and honestly, I could talk about it all day, but I think I was able to squeeze a lot of value into this shorter episode. I want to make sure you head into this season knowing that getting support is about so much more than throwing money at a problem to make it go away so you can focus on your business. In fact, I cover lots of support ideas that have zero financial cost, and can save your sanity and help your business thrive! 


Check it out below, and listen for tips and ideas, an online bonus offer, and some calls to action to help you get the support you need to get your needs met. I pack a lot into this episode:


 Highlights from this Episode


I share what support has looked like in my own business, and the secret about my first ever business hire that helped me grow my business. Here are some other things I address in this episode:


  • Support doesn’t always mean hiring or spending money… I share other ways it can look in your life


  • Different seasons in business and life- l chat about the changing levels of prioritization and freedom and flexibility


  • Dream Team Starter Kit and the importance of a time study- This is my bonus offer. Listen for more and check out the link provided below


  • Finding partnerships, coaching, and masterminds worth investing in 8:30


  • Ways to track time and tasks so you feel confident when prioritizing what you need and know the exact kind of support you need


  • Asking for help early and often in your business


Captivating Quotes from this Episode:


2:40  On her unique perspective


We always have the opportunity to grow, our impetus is to grow, our blueprint is to grow. I’m certainly not going to stay static in how I show up. But it’s cool to have put a lot of the pieces together, those pieces being permaculture, understanding ecosystems, looking at things like live systems, and bringing that mindset into any of the businesses that I work with in order to help them improve the way they operate so they can reach the goals with the teams they have.


2:40  There’s really no limit to what you can ask for support with, and creative ways to get your needs met.


3:51  I have a kit that will help you with this. It’s the Dream Team Starter Kit. You can use it for your team but you can also use it for your life… to hone in on those areas where you’re finding your time, your energy, and your focus being zapped.


7:45  When I heard the statistic that we are 72% more productive during our day when we have more movement. If we’re moving our body and going for a walk, we’re doing whatever makes us feel good, then that is going to pay dividends on our energy and our focus for the rest of the day. So having a friend as an accountability partner could be really helpful, and make significant impacts on your life and your business


11:40 [Think] about how the investment of support is going to amplify your message and create space in your everyday life… all those things that the little bit of time invested, will pay dividends when you’re ready to bring on that next person.


13:30 Set that intention and then look around you because you’re going to get the response to the question you ask in sometimes really surprising and exciting ways. So ask the question, set the intention, and then pay attention to what happens in your life




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