PINTEREST: the Unknown Powerhouse of Marketing + How to Hire a Pinterest Manager with Chelsea Hall

Business owners are trying to do it all when it comes to marketing, and Pinterest is a major platform that savvy entrepreneurs are increasingly benefiting from. There are so many business owners I talk to who want to take a deeper dive into Pinterest but aren’t sure where to start. 


Whether you are looking to become or hire an expert, and want to learn more about how to navigate Pinterest for business- and get amazing returns- you’re going to want to listen!


Pinterest Expert Chelsea Hall is my guest on this episode of The Dreamer’s Manual, and we cover everything from when you should hire a Pinterest manager, the costs and returns from Pinterest management, what stats to track, red flags to look out for on the platform,  and so much more… Whether you want to explore becoming a Pinterest expert, or you are looking to hire a pro. This episode is PACKED with valuable tips for everyone! And stay tuned for an AMAZING SPECIAL OFFER at the end of this episode


Highlights from this episode:


  • Chelsea shares her holistic approach to ensuring clients are creating content that serves their audience and generates returns.


  • How Pinterest compares to other search engines and platforms in building your email lists, gaining that know like and trust factor, and ultimately getting the conversions you’re looking for.


  • Gauging the importance of internal metrics: outbound clicks saves, impressions, within the platform, and external metrics like Google Analytics.


  • When and how Pinterest might or might not serve you best. And the importance of incorporating email marketing with your Pinterest strategy


  • Questions to ask, and what to look for when hiring for your Pinterest account. 


  • Pinterest Ads vs Facebook Ads and the differing strategy behind how and when to target those ads.


Captivating Quotes from this episode:


Chelsea Chats about:


8:42  The benefits of  community

“There’s so many aspects of mindset that go into all of this. But I think for me, I was very lucky to surround myself with others starting out, so to speak, entrepreneurs that were on a very similar path as I was and to be within communities in this online space that get it and that were on similar paths was very helpful.”


14:51 Underestimating the benefits of Pinterest

I definitely think Pinterest continues to fly under the radar, and you know people look to monetize on Instagram or you know, even YouTube. Pinterest is the third-largest search engine under Google and YouTube. And the best part about Pinterest is that, although it is a slow burn, it is a platform that keeps on giving. And you reap the benefits for years to come. 


17:30 Pinterest and email marketing

Think about the fact that on Pinterest, if you’re getting, you know, 500 outbound clicks to your site, that’s 500 opportunities for somebody to get into your world to be able to then nurture them, get them on your email list. And then that’s where the magic happens, within your emails. you definitely want to have a few things in line. 


28:00 Evaluating  Pinterest goals for your business

I think a goal that I hear all too often though, is I want to make sales from Pinterest. And don’t we all? But there’s so much more that goes into it, getting those sales, you’ve got to be willing to commit to creating content that will serve your audience, that will help to funnel your people in…


36:57- Getting started as a service provider

I think taking some sort of a course that helps you to learn the basics of running a business is really vital. [Prioritize] laying those foundations at first, and then from there, taking some Pinterest courses.




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