METRICS Made Easy with Richelle Villalta

As an OBM, I obviously LOVE nerding out over conversations that get down and dirty over improving operations for online business owners. And one of my favorite ways to do that is bringing on guests who demystify and destigmatize the numbers game. This episode is all about simple methods and practices for tracking your numbers and metrics, brought to you by one of my favorite rule rebels, Richelle Villalta!


Richelle is a former insurance agent turned online operations manager. She specializes in all things Google Analytics, metrics and data., and helps business owners make decisions based on numbers to scale their business. 


Richelle is a maverick when it comes to finding solutions because she is all about setting and measuring goals that don’t follow the industry standard, but support the strengths and vision of your specific business. 


She brings a ton of valuable ideas and content to this episode. Don’t forget to snag her freebie at the end of the show notes!


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 Highlights from this Episode

  • Richelle shares her journey into the online space from corporate  to VA, where we met, and the intro to her love of google analytics and diving into the numbers for her clients.


  • The importance of tracking your metrics (or hiring somebody to do that for you), and looking at the numbers related to those metrics to recognize what you’re doing that is increasing revenue, and what you might need to look at shifting.


  • The simple ways to get started tracking for business owners looking to start with a strong foundation when it comes to their numbers.- How to create your DIY dashboard if you don’t use Google Analytics.


  • How to find patterns and trends to help you make business decisions from what you are investing your money and time on, to where and how you are showing up online.


  • Using information and goal setting to understand your numbers and confidently buck trends and do what is right for YOUR business and not just following another leader’s standards for their business.


  • How you can work with Richelle to implement some of these data tracking measures through several of her offers and options. Check out how to connect with her below.


Captivating Quotes from this Episode:

8:01  You can’t call yourself a six figure business, if you don’t even know where those numbers are coming from. Because you could make six figures this year. But if you spent $10,000 on Facebook ads, and it got you zero traffic, then you wasted money. So those are just things that you want to look at, if you really want to perform as a six figure business or even if you want to hit like a certain income goal, you need to figure out where your numbers are coming from, to help you get there


13:21  I typically recommend, you know, I see a lot of social media managers who say they only pull numbers at the end of the month, when in reality, you should really pull those numbers every single Monday for the week prior. Because…say you posted something on a Tuesday, and the next Tuesday, you were going to post something really similar, but it didn’t perform well. That’s just a way that you can kind of tweak when you’re posting things, the type of content you’re posting. And you can see it on a week by week basis, rather than forgetting what you even did for the entire month if you’re only pulling it monthly.


23:54 I think a lot of it’s gonna come down to what you want your business to do for you. Because this is what I hate the most about being in this space is that too many business owners want to try to do what other business owners are doing. So everybody wants to follow some sort of trend that has been set by who knows who, and you’re just following it, because another business owner is doing it. So I would say ignore that first. Stop following the leader, become your own leader. And think about what you actually want your business to do for you.


33:38 The easiest thing that you can look at as a business owner, if you want to ignore everything that we talked about today, my one thing that I would say is to get Google Analytics set up. And if you don’t look at anything else, look at your source medium traffic. And you can find that I’m looking at Google Analytics right now. So I can tell you the exact path how to get there, you would go to the acquisition, all traffic source medium. From there, you can see how people are getting to your website. So if they come from Facebook, if they come from Instagram, if they come from a podcast episode, you can see all of that on there. And then you can figure out where you want to put your efforts in next and kind of build a game plan off of that.


Connect :


Email: hellorichellevillalta@gmail.com


Website: https://richellevillalta.com/


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