D-Commerce for OBMs with Kari Roberts

Kari Roberts started her professional career as a Licensed Physical Therapist. In an effort to lean into more creative pursuits, and to bring in some additional money, she started a side business as a makeup artist. 


As she grew her side business, she talked about it. She’d done a great job of putting systems in place to help her succeed and stay on top of her business while still working as a physical therapist. 


Then Covid happened. While she wasn’t a true “front line worker” she did have to keep going to work when so many others were able to stay home. As the fear mounted, she decided to lean into her business building abilities and started her OBM business. 


Kari is now an OBM, makeup artist, physical therapist, AND digital shop owner. She’s multi-passionate and it has helped her to grow and expand that much more quickly.  


The addition of her digital S.O.P. Shoppe has changed and expanded her business in ways she didn’t initially expect. Listen in to hear why she opened it, how it’s going, and ways her business has grown since her digital doors opened. 



Highlights from This Episode:

  • It’s okay to be multi-passionate, but each passion needs its own designated place in your business. 
  • Creating multiple entry points for your business helps meet your clients and customers right where they are. 
  • Having a digital commerce store can and does open doors you wouldn’t expect. 
  • The strategy behind how your D-Commerce shop fits into your current offers is extremely important. 
  • Don’t over-complicate your tech stack.


Captivating Quotes from this Episode:

  • I was very open and honest about it [being a makeup artist] being a side hustle. People started asking me to help them with their side hustles so then I branched off into business consulting and business strategy.
  • As an entrepreneur, that’s when I really felt like I don’t want to be labeled even as a side hustler. People would say, “Oh, you’re just a hobbyist. It’s not a real business.” Like, no, it’s legit a real business. I get income, I pay taxes, I pay myself, I have someone that helps me.
  • I’ve probably written hundreds of SOPs and workflows and whatnot, but I kinda have the same way of doing it. So I thought, what if instead of teaching someone how to write their own workflow or custom system, I gave them a template to show them how to write their own? And that was where the idea [for the S.O.P. Shoppe] came from.
  • I spent a lot of time and effort to create each one of those things [SOP templates]. But I only did it once, and now that it’s there, I can sell it on repeat, I can put things on sale. Also, I’ve been a part of different bundles, and I’m able to say I can contribute to your freebie or I can contribute to a gift and reduce one item or give something away or whatever. I like having that flexibility to be a part of more collaborative projects.
  • Especially as a woman of color, you know, my grandmother wouldn’t have had these opportunities, and that’s not lost on me. She had very few options with what she could do to earn a living and that is definitely not lost. I mean, I think it’s pretty cool that I started a whole business, because I thought it was a good idea. And now it’s contributing to our household. And I have a team and I get to help them contribute towards their whole household and their personal goals. I think that is so cool.



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