SYSTEMS: Choose Your Own Adventure with Streamlining Systems with Justine Pattantyus-Abraham

Ready for some major systems support? Justine Pattantyus and I nerd out on today’s podcast over all things online business management. A self-described buoyant personality who brings energy to the table, Justine helps zero in on the how and why of systems setup no matter where you’re at in your business. Entrepreneurs looking to hire an OBM for your organization, looking to just get pointed in the right direction, or looking into expanding into an OBM role yourself, will want to dive in and take notes. Justine has so much to share in this episode!


 Highlights from this Episode


We talk about:


  • Her method of working with teams to make sure there is a system in place for processes, and ensuring that energy flows well through the system. 


  • Hiring people for a culture fit vs a skill fit. 


  • Steps to take to get systems in place for your team.


  • Her 3 recommendations if you’re ready to get started: What she calls the  Choose your own adventure options :

Encourage a plan  to get the core business pieces documented

The processes that work for your team

Clarify very specific team member tasks and outcomes 


  • How SOPs and clear systems in place can empower new hires to show up for you 



Captivating Quotes from this Episode:


6:55  On her unique perspective


We always have the opportunity to grow, our impetus is to grow, our blueprint is to grow. I’m certainly not going to stay static in how I show up. But it’s cool to have put a lot of the pieces together, those pieces being permaculture, understanding ecosystems, looking at things like live systems, and bringing that mindset into any of the businesses that I work with in order to help them improve the way they operate so they can reach the goals with the teams they have.


7:33  Operations grease the wheel


 I think one of my strongest skill sets is a skill that I call teamability, and when I think of teamability it’s like when you add grease to a wheel and the wheel spins more smoothly, that’s kind of how I show up into teams


16:26  Her #1 intake question


Tell me the Why of what you do- From that response I can tell instantaneously if it’s like “ Ooh I want to have a conversation with them.” Even if I don’t know if they’re quite in a place where what I offer is a good fit for them, I might still want to talk to them to understand I can still offer value in a conversation and point them in the right direction, even if it’s not working with me. 


21:52  Systems streamline teams and hiring


The point of the work is to be a tool of attunement, recommitment to the business, and making sure that everybody is showing up at the level that they need to be. Through the work, they can bring on more aligned team members…The wrong hire can cost something like  3x the salary they make.


31:05 Streamlining your tasks and communication


 For businesses that are still figuring it out to a certain extent. Having a communications document is so useful, even if it’s two pages with some bullet points about what type of communication is happening where. Or you might be somebody who is like I want all communication related to any tasks and projects to be happening in the project management system. Maybe you’re like – We do this in slack, we do this in email, and this in the project management system- Whatever it is is fine, but have an agreement.



Her response to business owners who know their systems and processes need help


There is no judgment! You’ve literally built something that hasn’t been created before, that’s incredible! There is no reason to have shame or embarrassment about the state of it. It’s like any journey with any activity… there is no need to carry around extra heaviness. It’s bringing a level of awareness: Hey I desire this thing, here’s where I am, If I want to get to this place, I’m going to have to make some changes.



If you are new at getting your systems in place


If it feels awkward, you’re still probably doing it pretty well.  If you want some feedback, find an OBM, Talk to me… You can always book somebody for 30 minutes to get some feedback and direction.








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