How to Find Clients When You’re an Introvert

Are you an introvert trying to figure out how to overcome your overwhelming dread of connecting with others to gain visibility for your business? 


It’s terrifying right? 


Every day someone is telling you to put a camera in your face in order to reach your ideal client. Or to hop on all the Zoom calls to find that deeper connection. Or even the dreaded advice to just network on social media…


It all sounds so overwhelming and so far outside of your comfort zone that you just want to run and hide. 


In today’s episode, I’m sharing how I’ve overcome my EXTREME introversion to not only gain visibility for my business but also make lifelong connections and friends. (And of course I’m starting with all the things you DON’T have to do to have a successful business… I’m looking at you Reels!)


I’m also sharing six different ways you can start marketing your business that require time and patience but not a ton of face to face interaction. Plus, there are ways to reprogram the way your brain looks at the process of visibility. (Hint: make the actions themselves a part of your checklist!) 


There are also better times of the month for you to network and make moves for visibility. Learn how I balance my month so that I’m visible in a way that energizes me rather than drains me.


Listen to the end to hear the Rich AF journal prompts that have helped me re-evaluate my own inner thoughts about what being an introvert means in business. 



Highlights from This Episode:

  • There is no one perfect way to build a business.
  • We all have stories circulating in our minds about what it means to be successful and be visible, but perhaps they’re just that, stories. 
  • Being an introvert is not a burden, it’s a superpower. 
  • Learn six ways to market your business without burning out.
  • Balance your month so that you’re connecting at the right energetic times. 


Captivating Quotes from this Episode:

  • I am like the outside of the box, kind of, rebellious thinker, but I also think you have to know the rules before you can go outside of the box. So when Micala said, post in Facebook groups, make a comment, network, here’s the group’s here’s things that you can say, here’s how you make the connections, I was able to kind of take myself out of the equation, and just do what she said, and mark off the box.
  • It’s false, that you have to do some specific formula to be successful. You can hit your goals without doing Reels. You can hit your goals in business without building a team. You can hit your goals without having a huge social media following, without posting consistently. Anything that is in your head that you think “I have to do this” to be “successful” in business or to “have the business I want”, I would implore you to look at it with a lens of, is this really true?
  • As related to podcast guesting — really spend the most amount of time thinking about what a very unique angle on your topic could be, and find somebody that that’s going to really, really appeal to you.
  • Another tip I have for introverts that has worked really well for me is balancing my month, so that I can balance my energy when I’m visible with what’s most ideal for me. And the way I do this is based on my monthly cycle. But if you don’t have a monthly cycle, you can use the seasons. You can use the monthly moon cycle, you can build a schedule and there’s science to this.
  • I think that our brains are super powerful, and they’re going to protect us at all costs. And so it’s easier, at least in my mind, to put up a wall and say, “Well, I’m introverted”, “this is just naturally hard for me”, “I don’t want to do it”, or “this isn’t a good fit”, or “I’m not successful, because…” when really, I might be holding myself back, because I’m scared to fail again. Because I feel like I might not deserve this access. Like there’s lots of, you know, things that could be going on under that. And then I feel like you can’t leave without shifting that energy a little bit. And that conversation that could be really, really powerful and empowering to know what’s at the root of it.




Do Less by Kate Northrup

Rich As F*ck by Amanda Frances

@kimberlyweldin (for video series)


Wild Alignment Summit: https://julietraining.com/summit


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