Succeeding as a Neurodivergent OBM with Danielle Ralston

Neurodivergency has been a hot topic across all platforms in the last few years, but aside from being trendy, it’s also real. So much of the stigma surrounding neurodivergency is being trounced each and every day and it’s people like Danielle Ralston who are leading the charge. 


Danielle is ADHD and dyslexic and had been written off as having a cognitive disability when she was in school. She wasn’t even given school books because none of her teachers felt as if she could be taught, so she didn’t need her books.


It all changed for her because of just one teacher. One amazing inspiration who knew that she was able and capable and helped her develop the tools she needed to succeed. That one teacher is the reason why Danielle is able to empower others today.


She now owns multiple businesses and helps coach other neurodivergent business owners to reach their goals. Danielle is making waves in the business world and hopes to help others do the same. 



Highlights from This Episode:

  • None of us does everything well, but we all have at least one important strength.
  • Creating a task management system doesn’t necessarily require a project management tool. 
  • When working with a neurodivergent client, it’s important to set up systems that work specifically for them. Even if it takes extra time to develop and implement!
  • You can run an OBM business with a team full of neurodivergent team members. It takes time, skill, and grace, but it’s possible.
  • If you’re a neurodivergent business owner, it’s important that you hire people who are your opposite to coordinate the things in your business. 


Captivating Quotes from this Episode:

  • We’re not all just chaos and unorganized and unable to function in life. And I think that’s something that’s being missed in the world right now
  • She said, there are things you’re not going to do well, you can’t do everything. Well, nobody can. She said, but you’re ADHD, you have learning disabilities, so you definitely can’t, it’s gonna be too hard to do everything well. So pick something and do it really well. And of course, fast forward, it took me corporate jobs, and I did well in corporate, I’m very outgoing. I’m very friendly, I could do it.
  • Often, especially as women, we have shame around our ADHD. We talk about the “ADHD tax” and stuff and we get it. I mean, we’re on every fundamental level, there isn’t that shame around here. And we kind of laugh it off a lot of times.
  • If you restrict a client into your way of doing things and into your box. You are restricting a client’s ability to create and grow at their level that they need to, you are creating a limit for them. you’re limiting your client when you do that.



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