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The Best Resources for Having Tough Conversations in Business

Whether you’ve been in business a day or years, one of the things I know for sure is that you’ll need to have some tough conversations.




These tough conversations could be with a client, your team members, a team you’re in charge of leading, or fellow business owners.


Early on in my business journey I was making the transition from virtual assistant to online business manager (OBM). I had clients that I loved dearly but not all were ready or needed the services of an OBM at the time I was completing my certification. 


Well ultimately it all went well, I spent literally months putting off and spinning my wheels having conversations with those owners – AND putting off serving the clients I was in the best position to help. 


Examples of the tough conversations I’ve had over the years:


  • Raising your prices
  • Letting go of a client
  • A team member not holding up their end of the contract 
  • Saying ‘No’ to a price hike – and more!


I can tell you from experience that tough conversations are never fun, but they do get easier with time. 


In order to make them easier, I discuss some of my favorite strategies to use for overcoming the hurdle of tough conversations in my latest podcast episode which you can listen to here. 



Speaking of experience, I have had so many business owners ask me, “Julie, what do I even say to ______ about ______?” Most business owners struggle with ways to even approach tough conversations and/or situations. 


Because I’m a big fan of saving time, energy and stress I put together my most used emails from the past four years and bundled them just for you!


If you want to save time, simplify, and use a proven template for having hard conversations you can find the Tough Conversation Templates HERE.


What do these templates include??

  • 10 Tough Conversation Templates + a bonus magic email
  • Tough Conversations Mini Training
  • And more!



Let’s get you past the “hump” of tough conversations and back to building the business of your dreams!!


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