BUILDING A TEAM: How to Build a Healthy, Solid Team as an Entrepreneur

In this special episode, I chat with the Julie Calcote Team about support, balance, and facing challenges as a virtual team. Get to know my operations specialist, Ellen Reyes; book twin and VA, Kimberly Weldin; and copywriter, Michelle Beers as they share an inside look at how our team operates together.


They talk about their own experiences, struggles, and their perspectives on what makes a great team. 


We had such a fun time connecting about building a dream team to fit your business. Make sure to check out the links below to connect with them.


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Highlights from this Episode


 The team chats about :


  • Our approaches to balancing family and running a business
  • Growth and transition in the online space.
  • Learning what works and doesn’t through trial and error. Growing through our mistakes and giving each other grace as we evolve.
  • Tips to building a great working relationship whether you are an entrepreneur or service provider.
  • Hiring for values, culture, personality and complementary skill sets
  • What we have learned about how we face challenges together
  • Setting and holding boundaries and supporting each other as a team


Captivating Quotes from this Episode:


15:30- Julie on growing and learning together in the early stages


“I like to think that we’re both really gracious with each other. Because certainly, you were really gracious with me, when I was developing my structures, when I was figuring out the different roles in the team. Because I think sometimes you hire and you start to outsource and you really hone in on what makes the most sense to outsource- And what makes the most sense for that team member. Because while I think anybody on the team would be willing to take on certain things, I think we always paid really close attention to where you really enjoyed showing up and that zone of genius, because I didn’t want to say, Well, you know, just keep doing graphics, then like, that wouldn’t have worked for you, it wouldn’t be for the business. And so it felt really good to learn and grow together.”


16:30 Ellen on leaning in to the imperfect path forward


“I think in another way, it was a blessing for me to be able to see that transition and realize it’s gonna be messy, it’s not going to be all perfectly lined out in a path. And that’s a really important lesson for me in particular, because I really want that lined out path with all the steps between, you know, whenever it got that way for me, and it’s been like that a lot. I didn’t stress about it, because I knew it was normal.”


26:29  Julie on pivoting as your evolve


“I’ve really evolved and pivoted, and still in the process of that this year, you know, definitely the podcast being a part of that. And it’s real life, you know, you don’t always know what’s going to take you from A to Z, like, you know, your goal maybe, but the way that you get there, for me, has looked a lot different than I’ve expected. So as your role with the team grew and evolved, we definitely noticed that we needed some support, because as you were working on more SOPs, as you were working on our system stuff, we needed to bring in somebody to support those processes and hand those off. And so that’s where Kim came in.”


30:50- Kim on supporting each other


“There have been instances over this last year where all of us have gone through really tough periods, or tough seasons. And instead of going, Well, I’m sorry, we have to get these tasks done, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, you didn’t meet your deadlines, we have rallied around each other and really encouraged one another. And it just feels not only like a team, but a family. We’re very supportive of one another, and we want each other to succeed.”


37:25- Michelle on the freedom to make mistakes


“I was a little nervous, especially in the beginning because I hadn’t done the podcast pitching. And it was going well. And I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. I was waiting for the Okay, this is good, but… and I was so afraid to make a mistake, because I’m used to everything riding on my shoulders. And working with you all it was like, Oh, I made this mistake. And we were able to just and keep moving forward. And now look, I’ve learned something, and we’re rolling forward on all cylinders and doing even better.”




Ellen Reyes:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ellenreyes.services



Kimberly Weldin: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KimberlyWeldin




Michelle Beers: 



Email mbeerswrites@gmail.com

Website https://mbeerswrites.com/



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