How to Shift Your Support Mindset and Get the Help You Deserve

Support. I suspect we could all use some extra support in our lives. Whether it’s in our home, our business, with our kids, or with ourselves, needing support is universal. 


But while some of us will ask for and receive that support some people get stuck on this step.


In today’s episode, we are breaking down the reasons why you might not be comfortable asking for or receiving the help that you need and steps to shift that mindset once and for all.



Highlights from this Episode:

  • A discussion around unexamined beliefs or patterns around asking for and receiving support
  • Diving into unbelief and fear around the financial investment of support
  • Guidance on not living in a constant state of overwhelm


This episode is not only meant to challenge your thought processes and beliefs around support, but hopefully allow you to see how a little support in your life can go such a long way.






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