EXCEPTIONAL PODCASTS: How to find and hire your next podcast manager with Stephanie Judice

Now that you’ve decided to host and publish your very own podcast, how do you find an amazing podcast manager?


In this episode Stephanie Judice shares all her wisdom and expertise on backend podcast production and management, and her experience with serving clients, aligning your vision with your podcast, and monetizing mindfully. Her hot takes are going to be so valuable for online service providers and entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their podcast or start an agency. 


Stephanie is the CEO of a podcast production agency that works primarily with female coaches, consultants, and course creators to help them launch their podcast and provide ongoing management services. She’s a systems gal like me, and her organizational and design skills helped her bootstrap her business from home and grow it into a thriving agency serving clients across the US.


Make sure to connect with her via the links at the bottom to get access to some amazing offers coming soon for online entrepreneurs in the podcast space.


Highlights from this Episode


We talk about:


  • The good, the bad, and the googlable- What it looked like going from a real estate agent to online VA, to podcast manager and scaling to CEO of a full-service podcast production agency. 


  • The benefits of mentorship and coaching to get clear on a path to success.


  • The 20/80 rule for building and nurturing your podcast audience.


  • How to be a great client and set your podcast manager up for success.


  • An idea of the specific range of podcast managing costs depending on what you need, and how hands-on or off you want to be.


Captivating Quotes from this Episode:


16:15 Finding the right kind of production package to fit your needs

 “Most of my clients are like, I don’t want to know how to edit a podcast, I don’t want to do anything, I want to record it and send it to you. And then it will magically just pop up on Apple podcasts week after week. And so that’s what we do for them. Now, some clients, enjoy maybe the social media piece of it. So they like to keep that in-house. Or, you know, if you loved the editing piece, you could keep the editing piece yourself, if you’re a business owner and have someone else, maybe do the show notes. And, you know, do the marketing and that side of it too. There’s a lot of different ways that you can work with a podcast manager or any service provider in that instance. But you still can keep what you want to do, and then you know, outsource the things that, as they say, don’t bring you joy, or that you shouldn’t be doing.”


18:30 Finding clients/service providers you’re aligned with

“In the beginning, I kind of took anybody and everybody that I could because I just needed clients, I needed the money, I wanted to grow my business. But now, just realizing how important really, truly working with aligned people is. And that has been  huge for the business to where most of the time now- sometimes even before I get on a discovery call-  I can know if that person’s aligned with my values”


36:35 Monetizing in a way that brings value to your listener

The number one way I say to monetize your show is to sell your own coaching, consulting, or course, because you are establishing yourself as the expert in the field to where people want to continue working with you, whether it’s on a one to one, one to many, you know, however you do, that’s definitely the best way…

So I would say your own products, affiliate products are great, you can also get some sponsors that would do, especially the more niche your podcast is, you can definitely get sponsors that are super aligned that even with smaller audiences, if they feel like their brand really goes with your brand, and those are great, you can definitely reach out to them and form you know, really close relationships and get them to come on as a sponsor as well.









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