Shifts I’ve Made in 2022

We ALL have those times in our business when we aren’t able to be proactive about our strategy and decisions and we’re surviving in reactive mode. It can be exhausting! I found myself there recently, and so I made some important shifts in 2022 to make sure I could infuse much more of that feel good energy and alignment back into my business.


In this episode, I share some of the changes and conscious choices I made to ensure I’m still building my own dream business, while making space for the things that drive me and bring me joy. 


If you have been there, are there now, or find yourself there at some point in the future, know that you are not alone, and there are lots of ways to reconnect with your intuition and reset your priorities so you can build and run the business you were meant to!


Stay tuned to the episode for some big news coming your way. I’ve been working on a little something to help serve more of my fellow online entrepreneurs, and I can’t wait to share it with you!


Highlights from this Episode:


I chat about:


  • Learning to take in what’s working,  and release what isn’t
  • Listening to my intuition, rest when I needed to, and refrain from making big decisions or plans 
  • Learning to tune into my inner voice
  • Big and small actions that help change perspective
  • The route I consciously took to be non-strategic with my podcast
  • Why and how we integrated the book review episodes 
  • Some of the tangible tools that have helped me make positive shifts so far in 2022
  • How I’ve made space for the things that give me energy and keep me aligned


Captivating Quotes From this Episode



I’ve rested when I needed to rest even when my brain was saying you have all these things to do or that you could be doing, I just really needed that space to process to integrate the shifts that have happened in my life. And I needed to take that pressure off of myself. Because the more pressure we put on ourselves, it’s just turning down that ability for us to hear and listen, when we’re really being guided.



It started as that building block. I started with the podcast and said, This is how I want to show up. I want to bring things that bring me joy that will hopefully bring other people joy. I want to not do everything so strategically, that for me, it squeezes the joy and the enjoyment out of it. And I want to be an example to, for people to say, hey, there’s other ways to do this, like it who connects with you is going to resonate with you most showing up as authentically as you can be in that moment.



So I’ve talked about this before, but I do quarterly time studies. If you haven’t done a time study, I will talk about it more in different episodes. Also, in our free workbook, you can find it at Julie training.com backslash starter kit. And I just looked at my time and said, Okay, I don’t have anything on this schedule For Me. I have stuff for my family, stuff for my work, stuff for my animals, my relationships, my friendships, but there’s nothing in here that’s filling me up and contributing to my well being, you know, filling my cup first. So I did a couple things I committed to. I follow Madeline moves on Instagram, and she has a challenge every year that she calls tighter together. And it’s 30 days. So I committed to this 30 day, 30 minutes a day challenge, because I knew I needed to get back into the habit. And I knew that would give me the space to figure out where the habit was going to fit in my calendar because I really didn’t know is this going to be like I wake up first thing in the morning and do this is it going to be in the afternoon is it going to be after dinner, I needed that information for myself to be able to plan for the rest of my days.



But when I really looked at what would fit into my life now, and my lifestyle, I found that I was saying no to many more clients than I had done in the past. And only when they feel the absolute HELL YES, is when I bring in a new client at this point. And that has shifted so many things. I’ve also not been scared to say yes. When people reach out for alternate services that feel really aligned and exciting.




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