How to Grow and Protect Your Business During Down Times with Sarah Noked

She’s back!

Our friend Sarah Noked is back and sharing about a topic I know is on many of our minds – what impact will a recession have on our business AND how to protect and grow our business in all types of economic climates.



If you haven’t yet met Sarah, she is the founder of Sarah Noked OBM. Her mission is simple: to empower online Entrepreneurs and Online Service Providers to build thriving, profitable businesses with the help of streamlined systems, marketing automation, and a winning team.


Sarah is a leading authority and educator, sharing valuable resources and programs that support and train online service professionals with actionable tools to leverage their skills and translate their talents into profitable and meaningful businesses.


To date, Sarah has trained thousands of aspiring Online Business Managers, and provided them with a proven framework to transition into the online service industry confidently, effectively, and successfully.


In this episode we talk about:

  • How to diversify your business and what to offer to bring in more income
  • Mindsets to survive all seasons of business
  • Where to invest for the biggest impact
  • AND Sarah shares about her upcoming free training for service-based support professionals



Links from this episode:

Confident OBM Week Free Event (November 29, 30, and Dec. 1)

OBM School Visibility Workshop


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