How to hire the best VIRTUAL ASSISTANT for you with Micala Quinn

Ready to find an amazing VA in the New Year? Or maybe you’re feeling not-so-ready, but you want to be? I always say hire before you’re ready , and my guest Micala Quinn will help get you there by helping you frame out the right questions to ask, and give support in taking that next step with confidence.


This episode has the potential to be a game changer for a lot of listeners. Micala is the go-to pro for freelancing moms who are looking to take control of the narrative  behind the way we work. She helps develop female entrepreneurs to take full control of their businesses, their freedom, and their overall satisfaction when it comes to balancing life, work, motherhood and more. She has changed so many lives, including my own, with her podcast, course, resources, and support. I know you’re going to love this episode.


Micala coaches women looking to lead and launch successful sustainable freelance businesses. To date more than 1800 women across the country and world have enrolled in her Overwhelmed to Overbooked course which has just gone through some amazing updates for the new year becoming the Live Free Academy. In late 2018, Micala launched the Live Free podcast to spread her freelancing method and mission throughout the world. A fixture in iTunes top 20 For entrepreneur podcasts, it has surpassed 160,000 downloads.


Make sure to connect with her via the links below to get access to her amazing resources.





 Highlights from this Episode


We talk about:


  • How Micala can help female freelancers tap into their passions and skills to launch, and promote their services and build a thriving business by leveraging the talents and  capabilities they already have.


  • How to take that next step in hiring and reframe your thoughts to make a decision that will benefit your business.


  • The ins and outs of hiring a virtual assistant to support your business i.e. budget, job description and roles, application process, experience vs training, personality and attributes necessary and backend processes.


  • Micala shares her process for hiring for her own business when starting out in the course space, and gives entrepreneurs that permission and guidance to start small and reevaluate as you go.


  • The benefits of hiring beginners and looking for initiative, personality traits building relationships that benefit the growth of your business, and related skill sets that can build a successful long-term partnership.


  • Where to find a great VA without getting overwhelmed by hundreds of dms on social media  (spoiler alert: It’s a Hire Form listed at the end of the show notes)  and guidance on how to fill it out to save yourself time and energy and find highly qualified leads ( I have personally built entire teams for clients and myself from these hire forms- they are gold!)


  • Navigating  what to invest, and what that can look like via hours and specialties


Captivating Quotes from this Episode:




“Not giving up in those hard moments. And really just sitting down and trying to  objectively look at okay, this is what I’m doing. This is where I’m getting. What could I be doing differently or better to move down closer to my goals. And that sometimes it’s really hard to look at what you’re doing objectively without shame without blame and guilt and all of that. But it’s essential to success no matter what business you’re in.”



“I started hiring right pretty quickly, when I moved into the course side of things, just because I was a mom and I wanted to grow my business fast. And I saw the potential for what I could do and the people that I could help. But, I mean, there’s so much to do and so much to be done when you’re starting a business and running a business and wanting to grow and so I started with just one person, a virtual assistant, and kind of grew slowly from there.”



“ If I don’t say yes to hiring, then I’m saying yes to doing everything in my business. And that could impact your mental health, your time with your family, I have a hard rule-like 20 hours is my absolute max, I’m not for the most part doing above and beyond that. I sacrifice more profits. Because of that, I know a lot of online business owners will work full time schedules, I’m not working full time, I want to continue growing. And so my option is to either do it all myself and work, work, work, work, work, have no life outside of my business, or to find people that I trust, and let them in to help.”


32.21  One thing I want to speak on is not exactly every hire is going to have a return on investment, like monetarily. Sometimes that return on investment is your time back with your family or to just get back to doing your own hobbies or exercise or downtime, more sleep, whatever it is, and that’s just as valuable. Your time and energy is just as valuable as the monetary side of things, if not more because if you’re saving yourself from a massive burnout or you know just shutting everything down because you’re like I started this to spend time with my family and now I’m not so I quit,  that kind of a higher could be the most impactful saving you from those things.




Instagram: @Micala.Quinn

 Website: Live Free Academy: (Formerly OTO): micalaquinn.com/academy




Hire Form micalaquinn.com/hire


Micala’s Overwhelmed to Overbooked Program


Micala’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/micala.quinn/


Micala’s Website: https://www.micalaquinn.com/


Micala’s Freebies: www/micalaquinn.com/free-resources


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