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Letting Go (to Focus on What Really Matters)

Are you a genius at creating websites but you are spending hours scheduling your social media and responding to endless customer service emails requesting their password for the 47th time?


Do you love spending 1:1 time with your clients but don’t have time for calls because you’re busy writing copy for your latest opt-in and spending your free time managing client projects?


I’m as guilty of this too as the next business owner. Whether you’re procrasti-working – because spending hours scheduling social media is easier then writing the next blog post – or don’t want to let go of anything because your business is your baby and no one can do it better then you – I understand!


So how can you move towards the freedom you want in your business?


Reverse engineer your perfect day


You created your business for many reasons and I can guarantee that none of them was because you wished to spend your day doing things you didn’t really want to do.


Open your notebook or word doc and spend some time thinking about what your perfect work day and week looks like. This is an important step not just in visualizing, but in creating something you can reference when you find yourself falling back into your old habits of not delegating.


Real leadership comes from delegation and trust


Whether you already have a team or want to create one, there is nothing more disempowering than a micromanager.


If you create a team culture where people aren’t given trust, you decrease motivation and creativity and end up with a team who just waits for the next direction instead of taking initiative, which leaves you with even more to do than before you hired your team.

But you hired help for a reason, right? 


So how can you take baby steps to let go and trust your team? 


First, set clear expectations and structures so people know what their boundaries are. This can look like:


  • End of day or beginning and end of week check-ins
  • Clear standard operating procedures so everyone knows exactly how each task is done
  • A company policy that no question is too small to ask (and knowing who to ask the question to)
  • A project check-in: for example, instruction to complete a task and to check back in if a task takes more than 2 hours to complete 


Real talk: letting go is a process, but it can (and should) be done. The payoff is too huge not to get out of your comfort zone and start taking steps to delegate in your business. 

Whether you need help in hiring team members or more effectively delegating to the team you have, this is something that I help clients with every day. Let’s chat about how I can help you!

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