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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Virtual Team

This time of year can be a time of reflection and gratitude. One thing I’m especially grateful for are the people that support me and my business with their passions and talents throughout the year.


Because I have an online business, the people I work with are also freelancers. It’s very intentional that I want people who work with me to feel appreciated, valued, and like the important part of the team they are. 


I imagine you feel the same! So if you want to show your appreciation to your team by getting them gifts, what should you get?


A Personal Note

Heartfelt, thoughtful notes about what you have noticed and appreciate about your team members can be special and meaningful gifts. It shows that you notice the job they are doing and exactly what their contributions mean to you and the rest of the team. If you choose this option, make sure to put the time and energy in that it deserves. A generic “You’re awesome” or “Thanks so much” is likely to fall flat.


Gift Cards

If you want to go a step further, a gift card is a great choice, especially one that you know your team member will love. Many companies also make gifting easier by allowing you to send a digital gift card. Digital gift cards save time and ensure quick delivery! Some less obvious gift card ideas are a certificate to a local co-working space, a membership to an online yoga or meditation app that they’ve been wanting to try, or even a yearly subscription to a grocery delivery service could be well-loved!


A Favorite Book

As someone who LOVES to read, I always consider books a treasure to receive. Whether it’s a book specific to their area of work that you know they’d like, or a popular business or self-help book from the year, this can be a thoughtful gift idea. And don’t discount inspirational kids books like the book Maybe by Kobi Yamada. Sometimes a simple message can be the most inspiring.


Subscription Boxes

These boxes can be so highly personalized they are worth considering to say thank you to the team. Some of my favorites are:


Causebox: This company is similar to highly popular subscriptions like Fab Fit Fun, but they pack each seasonally artist-designed box with $200+ worth of conscious and ethically-designed products. They include a broad mix of items from categories like cosmetics, home decor, gifts, accessories, jewelry, and more. 


Owl Crate: This is a book subscription box with YA titles! Each month, members will get a new young adult title plus bookish goodies like pins, accessories, small home goods, and other treats that fit the theme.


A little fun and pampering can go a long way so a box like Pop Sugar’s Must Have’s subscription can be a welcome treat! Every box comes with a seasonal selection of beauty, fashion, food, fitness, and home products with a retail value of over $250.00


Think Outside of the Box!

Does your team love a little friendly competition and team building? Giving everyone on the team a Fit Bit could be tons of fun!


Is chocolate all your virtual team member talks about? Send them a sweet treat you know they’d like! 


Whatever you do, remember that it’s the gesture of appreciation that matters. Your team needs to know how grateful you are for them all year long!


Would you like to talk more about managing your virtual team? Whether hiring new team members that are a great match or managing the team you already have, this is a big part of what I do as an online business manager! Let’s chat about how that would look for you and your business.


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