Do I need a Virtual Assistant, an Online Business Manager, or a Coach?

Do I need to hire a Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager, or a Coach?


Are you overwhelmed with your business and ready to finally get some help? Well, props to you! First, for building your business to be successful enough that you’re ready to grow your team. And Second for recognizing you need help. You’re tired of doing everything on your own, and you shouldn’t have to!
Seriously, pat yourself on the back—this is an exciting next step for your business!

So let’s break it down. Some of the most common support roles for nline businesses are Virtual Assistants (VA), Online Business Managers (OBM), and Business Coaches.

So which one do you need? Well, I have first-hand experience working as a VA and an OBM, and I’ve even been trained as a life coach, so I have some experience there, too. Let me tell you all about these three options so you can figure out what you and your business need.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

One of the very first hires online business owners often make is a VA, and it makes good sense to do so. VAs are doers!

Once you’ve built up your business and become busy enough with client work that you feel like the day-to-day tasks are dragging you down, a VA can step in and lighten your load. She can take over your social media accounts—woot woot! She can manage your email inbox and take care of the routine, repetitive emails—fabulous!

Some VAs specialize in graphic design or copywriting, so they can help you with your logo, website, and blog. You can bring on a VA to manage and edit your podcast or pitch you as a guest to other podcasts.

Whatever is repeatedly sucking away the hours in your day, you can hand it off to a VA and she’ll get it done!

So if you’re a one-gal band at this point, doing everything on your own, a VA is likely the first person you’ll team up with.

Online Business Manager (OBM)

So how is an OBM different? OBMs are a little newer to the scene than VAs. But I’ll let you in on a secret… OBMs are the secret sauce of having a rocking successful business.

It’s a fabulous feeling to be able to hand off tasks to a VA or a team of VAs. But when you build a team of freelancers, like VAs, to support your business, you’ll quickly realize that those freelancers will need to be managed, to some extent. You’ll need to communicate with them about what you want them to do. You’ll need to check over their work to varying degrees.

And as you outsource more tasks to a VA and get more time to focus on growing your business, your business will grow—hooray!—but then you may find yourself back in a place of overwhelm.

This is when an OBM can make a huge impact on your business and life. OBMs are managers. They are the go-between for you and the rest of your team. Instead of you talking to all of your freelancers on a regular basis, you talk to your OBM and she manages the rest of the team and keeps everything on track according to your vision.

OBMs are also systems experts. They will optimize any systems you have in place so that they run like a well-oiled machine. And if you’ve been too busy to even set up systems, like most business owners out there, an OBM will gently take the reigns, find the systems that your business needs, and implement them. One word: awesomesauce!

OBMs are truly magical. They keep things running so smoothly for your business and they keep you focused on your goals and vision. If you’re someone who suffers from shiny object syndrome, an OBM will help tame that impulse to become distracted.

Visualize it. Deep breath in….deep breath out… Imagine what an OBM could do for your business. Can you feel the tension releasing from your body?

If having an OBM sounds a-m-a-z-i-n-g, check out my article about  “4 signs that it’s time to hire an Online Business Manager

Business Coach

But let’s not forget about a business coach. This role can be crucial to an online business, but it’s definitely different than the other two. A VA is a doer—you assign her tasks to do to lighten your load. An OBM is a manager—she manages your team and keeps you focused on projects that align with your vision.

But what if you’re not totally clear on your vision? What if you’re needing to push to the next level in your business but you’re having mindset issues and feelings of inferiority (which is honestly a good thing—it means you’re growing and on the cusp of reaching a new, slightly scary place)?

This is when you need a coach.

Now, a coach is more like a mentor than a part of your team. Makes sense given the name, right? A coach will help you find your vision, sift through the too-many ideas that are distracting you, and work with you to build up your confidence.

Both an OBM and a VA need YOU to have a clear idea of your vision and goals for your business. You’re the one steering the ship and they’re your crew, so if you’re not clear on where you’re going, it’s probably time to sign up for some coaching sessions or consider joining a mastermind.

What if I need help…like yesterday?

Is this you? Are you reading this thinking, “Um…I needed this kind of help like yesterday.”

Look, recognizing you need help is the first important step. Not sure where to go from there? Click on over and set up a free virtual coffee chat with me and we can talk through it.

I love connecting with business owners, learning about their businesses, and adding value where I can. I’ve worked in many of these capacities and continue to work as an Online Business Manager.

Plus, I have a truly wonderful network of colleagues and friends in these fields. If you find you aren’t quite ready for my OBM skills, I can point you in the right direction to find the specific kind of help you need. Let’s chat soon!

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