5 Top Podcasts to Uplevel Your Life & Business in the New Year

If you’ve read my prior blogs then you know how much I LOVE podcasts. Both as a listener and from a marketing perspective podcasts are a powerful medium. 


We’re so lucky in this time to be able to easily connect with our audiences through audio and video in a way that was much more challenging and expensive in the past. But just because it’s easier to make and easier to consume these days doesn’t mean we should spend all of our time doing so. 


As someone who takes great pleasure in learning new things, I used to subscribe to every podcast that people recommended. Listening to a little bit of this and a little bit of that was sometimes educational but more often than not it was just a bunch of noise.


As a listener, bringing someone’s voice, thoughts, and perspectives into your life is an intimate connection, and I would encourage you to think carefully before subscribing to every podcast that comes across your path. Podcasts, like the internet, can be a powerful tool but also a huge waste of time if you’re not intentional about it. So let’s be thoughtful and discerning when consuming content and creating value for your audience.


Earlier this year I made a major shift in the way I consume podcast content. I’d love to share this with you in case it helps you as well! 


First, for business podcasts, I thought about whether I liked the show and if it was bringing me the education and value that I was looking for. Second, I considered whether that person had a business or business model that I admired or wanted to emulate. For example, If I was listening to someone’s advice about how to build a successful business and they work 80-hour weeks and travel 345 days out of the year (and I don’t want to have that type of business)—is this someone I should be taking advice from?


Based on these guidelines, I was able to unsubscribe from 75% of the podcasts in my library. 


Next, I considered what type of business goals I had for the year. Then on Sunday when I plan out my week, I consider what content I want to consume for the coming week. That way I’m not mindlessly listening to whatever happens to pop up new in my iTunes account, instead, I intentionally curate my learning for the upcoming week.


What I’m left with are podcasts that align with my personal values as well as my overall learning goals—a powerful combination! 


Below are podcasts that I’m going to be listening to this upcoming year:


The Chalene Johnson Show & Build Your Tribe, with Chalene Johnson


Chalene Johnson has two podcasts, both I really enjoy and learn so much from. The first is more of a lifestyle podcast called the Chalene Johnson Show that includes shows about productivity, exercise, Girl Gangs, life balance, and more. Her second podcast is called Build Your Tribe and is co-hosted with Chalene’s son Brock. This show is focused on strategic business growth and is a wealth of great information! One of my favorite episodes was about launching an e-book, but the strategies talked about here could easily be applied to other launches.


The Ikonns, with Mimi & Alex Ikonn


I have followed Mimi and Alex for several years now. I first found them through their content around Tim Ferriss and how they built their first business using his book The 4 Hour Work Week as inspiration. They are the minds behind the 5-minute journal and have successfully created several businesses over the years. Mimi and Alex recently launched their podcast called The Ikonns and it does not disappoint! They interview a powerful and diverse group of guests and their thoughtful, gratitude-based approach to life is something I desire to emulate. One of my favorite interviews they have done so far is with brain coach Jim Kwik.


Hol:Fit, with Ange Peters


Ange and her Hol:Fit podcast might not be a fit for all but it is a podcast that I listen to regularly and her ideas and lessons are frequently at work in my life. Ange is a passionate health and wellness coach and also the owner of a multi seven-figure MLM business. Her lessons about up-leveling, boundaries, and deep work, and her example of showing up very authentically in life and business have definitely changed my life for the better. I have purchased and worked with her Beautiful Life Lab for the past several years and I can’t say enough about the impact it’s had on me and my work. She talks about the Life Lab in the podcast episode HERE.


The Angie Lee Show, with Angie Lee


The Angie Lee Show is a newer podcast to my rotation but one I enjoy a lot! With a combination of strategy + mindset + personality, I always come away better for having listened. If you have or are thinking of starting a podcast in the new year, her episode “5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Podcast” is a must listen!


The Purpose Show, with Allie Casazza


I love using the framework of minimalism for both business and home so it’s no wonder Allie’s podcast The Purpose Show has been among my most listened to podcasts since its launch. Whether it’s minimalism, business building, motherhood, or intentional living Allie has you covered! Her recent episode about the power of a 15-minute reset is something I’ve implemented several times over the past few months.


I would love to know—what are your favorite podcasts? Comment below or pop over to Facebook and let me know!

5 Top Podcasts to Uplevel Your Life & Business in the New Year

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