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Being the bottleneck in your business >>> staying in your zone of genius

Being the doer of #allthethings >>> having a smooth-running team working

Having sporadic systems (or none!) >> >having a documented process for every part of your business

It's time to make a change!

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Hi, I'm Julie!

My clients get to focus on building the business, not hiding from it.

When your business doesn’t have the systems in place to run without you, you can’t increase your income and impact.

I use all the skills I’ve learned, including my background in legal systems and training as a life coach, to fully show up and serve my clients.

Stop feeling overwhelmed and let’s build the business you want! 

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Julie became the glue of our business. She's ...freed up our time to infuse our business back with creativity and flow. Julie's allowed us to expand into other areas that just wouldn't have been possible without her guidance, her support, and her ability to make
the biggest business challenges seem easy...I don't know where we'd be without Julie helping us run our business and I couldn't be more excited to say we're ready to actually start another business because of Julie's help. 

Ashley Shaw

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